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Mimouille's long wait for carbon fibre Roxanne...

Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

Mine should be here soon, there are in transit in Shanghai, and have been released from customs (after paying 180$). Angie insisted they could not mark low value, which I understand, as it is illegal, but then I learned that they did it for other customers...well at this point nothing they do short of crapping in my ears would suprise me.


Anyways I am hoping the fit will be good because I would rather get plastic surgery on my ears than send them back to JH for refit.

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lol. :D

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"Many a true word spoken in jest"


Oh, wait: it wasn't in jest...





Really hope they work out OK for Mimouille, after so long.

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Originally Posted by zbdajj View Post


Originally Posted by yilun View Post
Originally Posted by zbdajj View Post

Yup In fact i am so sad to buy tralucent ref 1or 1+2. And i think u should audition it. if u want to buy. And if u have free time and search tralucent , tralucent ref1  and 1+2 are all made in China a diy company


You bought both of them? If you really don't like them, I suggest you should sell them here. You won't lose much because I think quite a lot of people here are still curious about the sound of ref1.


i want but i do not know how to uproad picture

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

Omg it is my first time use headfi smily_headphones1.gif
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Originally Posted by zbdajj View Post
Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post
Omg it is my first time use headfi smily_headphones1.gif


Lol, no worries.  :D

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Originally Posted by warrenpchi View Post

Lol, no worries.  biggrin.gif
Hah I am no worries about that. biggrin.gif:D
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Originally Posted by Jeff Y View Post

lol lets ride motorcycles skydiving with Stax on with Justin Beiber on and hope your parachute is gonna work lol






Doesn't this belong in the High End Section in the "Tell Us Your High End Fantasies" thread?

Maybe you can move this one Warren.:bigsmile_face: :beerchug:

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"...I wonder if anyone has ever married their headphones. TH-900, you are one red hot mama."

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

"...I wonder if anyone has ever married their headphones."

Soon to be legal. Then mandatory.
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Stop, stop!


Don't you realise this is the thin end of the wedge?



If you carry on like this, it won't be long before people start arguing over what 'gender' their headphones are! :blink: (that'll no doubt have something to do with the connector type if they have removable cables, and there'll be lots of insecure male owners who need an adapter to achieve 1/4" plug size at the other end!)



...whatever happened to just enjoying the music..?

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Originally Posted by AnakChan View Post
Originally Posted by Music Alchemist View Post

So... I had a dream last night of which I can only recall one eerie detail: there were dozens of SR-009s, all ripped and busted up. I was draping them over my arms, asking "Why would someone do this?" All those poor headphones, murdered in cold aluminum. It was like a crime scene, lol. What does it all mean?!


It means you should probably log-off Head-Fi and check into a rehab.

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"In my high school days when on a hiking-tramping trip I made and ate bread, butter and ants sandwich. Ants went on top of butter. I also added leaves of some grassy woodland plants, I chose them by trial and error method, it took some time. That was a balanced meal - carbohydrates [bread], fatty acids [butter] and protein [ants] and greens. Ants taste lemony..."

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MikeMercer gets punked by Radio_Head in the LAu thread:


Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

Awww man you're in for a TREAT!!!  Just last night, listening to my LCD-3 with Fazor + Double Dream Helix Cable terminated in quad TRS via a VPI TT with a Ginkgo Biloba and the cart before the horse with vibration headers and footers - it was such a profoundly moving experience I was overwhelmed by its power.  I had to share it with a man passing by - he was moved to tears. e told me that in his whole life he had never encountered beauty like this.  


Today I was turnin' some sweet jams, "playing house" with my daughter but not in the way you'd usually think of it!  We got some hardcore beats, I'm pretty awesome as far as people go.  




I couldn't take the heat so I turned down the therm o'stat with a throwback, the genuine old skool Ice Ice Baby.  At this point I had switched to my Oppo PMS and the refrain was so haunting I got GOOSEBUMPS, it was truly a moment I had and I made sure everyone knew about it. 


Next I listened to a track by my dear friend, the lovely Norah Jones, who I had the pleasure of being introduced to once at a charity event I was bussing for, by my mentor (also a dear friend) mixing engineer and Mos Def's 2nd cousin DJ Funky Nurples.  Her voice - every note, every BREATH - it was palpable as if I was there and Norah was breathing in my ear.  Since ear-breathing weirds me out I elbowed her to knock it off, but she wasn't actually there and I was still with my daughter.  After dressing my kid's wounds it was BACK TO BASICS with some serious retro tunes - the hit Let's Get it Started from the now-legendary Now that's what I call Music 17.  



This amp is sick!!!  I didn't want to stop, everything just flowed so naturally like platitudes from a politician.  So I spun one of my truly special recordings, the now rare Call Me Maybe made famous by e geniuses over at Kidz Bop on Kidz Bop 22.  This song got me quite emotional as I am often befuddled over whether to use the telephone or not.  It really hit me in a deep place.  I almost lost it.  But then I found it in between the seat cushions on the couch.  MAGICAL!




You can't go wrong with the Liquid Gold - it is seriously the Standard Bearer for what an amp should e.  

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That's gold, Jerry! Liquid Gold!
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