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Originally Posted by MattTCG View Post

Mike pm me your pp info. You can forward to mle.


My kid cousin was on my lap reading some posts along with me and when he saw this he asked, "Why does he want his pee-pee info?  Ewwww."

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For Sale: Buy my IEM's - My fish demands it!

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$1 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Buy my IEM's - My fish demands it!

Will Ship To: Continental US/Canada

No photos found.

In my short time here on Head-fi, I've bought more IEM's than I originally planned. I've been on and off the site for a while now, just focusing on university and working. I need the cash though for future investment (laptop cause it's absolutely necessary) so I'll be selling these IEM's. They're all in great working order, with 100+ hours of good burn-in plus my use which varies from IEM to IEM. All accessories will be included, unless specified otherwise and their original packaging. None of these ever really left my room, non-smoker for what it's worth. Farthest some of them have gone is to my ladyfriend's, about 5 mins away. 

TDK IE800 - Bought from Dweaver. I love these to death. I've forgotten the jargon I've never really been good with but: These have a full sound with tight, punchy bass, smooth highs (perhaps too smooth for some but it hits the spot for me, realistic but not piercing) and the sweet mids of which I can't get enough. Comes with Meelec clam shell case. -$70



MEELEC A161p - These I didn't like at all. I just found the soundstage to be too small but YMMV. I've read many good reviews on it but its FR is just not my cup of tea. -$65

EDIT: No trades. It would be the exact opposite of what i'm doing which is getting some money back and not having the headphones sitting in my drawers unused. Prices also include shipping. 


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Originally Posted by wink View Post
A 'Toll' is a tall, spindly creature that is incredibly Camera-shy.
However, it is also incredibly gullible and can easily be fooled into appearing on film.

It has been observed having difficulty drinking water without half-drowing itself.
Aww, look! That Toll choked on some water it was drinking and now it has the hiccups!
Quick! Get the Camera!
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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post



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Don't ask me Wink's the one who wrote it. :confused:

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The Gostak distims the Doshes.......

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From the DIY Imod thread.





" I was going to take a look at my dad's 5G iPod but he walked in while I was trying to disconnect the LCD screen from the logic board and understandably freaked out."



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From the Worst Date Stories thread, which is a pure gold mine...


Originally Posted by RUMAY408 View Post
Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

When in doubt - and I'm not condoning female violence - take them on an awful date. So bad that it'll make it into the list of one of their all-time worst. They'll be livid, to the point where they simply have to stick around in order to spite you.


Maybe that was where I went wrong.


I was getting quietly ignored at movies and concerts when I could have taken them to tractor pulls.  Saved some dough as well.



Originally Posted by gopanthersgo1 View Post
Originally Posted by wolfetan44 View Post

I want to see a picture of you, Panther, see if your as good-looking as all 'em girls think;)
Here's some:
In the nude:
Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Don't worry - I've plenty of them saved up.

He used to be so jovial. And his thighs so tight. I don't know what happened.
don't you do it.
Originally Posted by Armaegis View Post

Remember all the sage advice given in this thread...


No, wait, scratch that. Forget everything we've ever said in here. Sweet Jebus don't show up to the date wearing a panther suit making tractor noises. If you do, make sure to put it up on youtube...

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Originally Posted by Delirious Lab View Post


You are right, this is just the placebo effect because this was a new cable. However, beware of second-hand cables. They are contaminated by the equipment on which they were used. If you continually swap the same cable between HD600 and HD650, eventually the two will sound the same.


I once modded a Grado cable to use on my HD600s, and it took only 20 minutes for my ears to start bleeding from all the treble.


And the response:


Originally Posted by amcananey View Post

Yeah, but on the upside, when I recabled my HD800s, I wired the old cable to a pair of Philips Downtowns and PRESTO!!! they now sound exactly like my HD800s.

So for anyone out there who wants a pair of HD800s, but doesn't have the cash, I suggest you buy a used HD800 cable. In fact, I have a second used HD800 cable I can sell you for just a couple hundred dollars. It's a great way to get HD800 quality on the cheap...

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They found the secret-sauce mod to end all mods. And we thought this could've been kept as a trade secret. 


This demolishes the sriracha sauce mods, even the rabid dawg mods.


NASA has taken to utilizing it for their top-tier communications system.


Europe's economy has plummeted because of this.


Stocks had fluxuated, bankrupcy had ruled supreme.


The world turned into the Hunger Games over a fortnight.


Suzanne was right after all. Why couldn't she have warned us sooner, gotten Jennifer Lawerence to endorse the SR-009.


It's all downhill from here on people. No need for the forums. Guess we can just merge the site with neogaf and place this under the archives section.


I mean why bother buying anything anymore. Heck if I go over to Roger Water's house and steal one of the cables connected to his lamp I'll have the perfect Dark Side of the Moon reproduction system.

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Originally Posted by lee730 View Post


I suggest you contact goodvibes and he'll explain it to you. It's not hard at all really and only required you manually change the file allocation before updating the firmware. This will change the sound signature of the Studio for the better IMO. Giving it more warmth, a smoother treble and a hint of warmth in the mid range. This all improves the overall prat of the player. So it sounds more natural yet very detailed. I forgot the exact size he used when manually formatting it. But just PM him and I'm sure he'll help you out. I tried his suggestion and noticed the difference as well. So I stuck with it.

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Originally Posted by rudi0504 View Post

I want share how to handle with care your Brass body from Ko Jo KM - 01 amp :

Note : solid dye CNC brass is very fast oxidise

To pretend fast oxidise process , please do as follow

1. Every time you change the battery , please clean up your finger print with lens cloth or
Eye wear cloth .
Finger print is oily can fasten oxidise process.
2. Wrape the whole body with lens / eye wear cloth like my picture above
3. Wrape with anti slip mate and use rubber to tighten the wrapping units

Enjoy your longer shining your brass body like Ko Jo Amp

Originally Posted by ButtUglyJeff View Post


Were you trying different batteries for sound quality?  Don't lie, you were..........lol

And surely enough....LOL tongue.gif

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I have free snake oil......

Only $50 per 100mL bottle.

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

I have free snake oil......

Only $50 per 100mL bottle.


That's not free...

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Originally Posted by wink View Post

I have free snake oil......

Only $50 per 100mL bottle.



Originally Posted by blueangel2323 View Post


That's not free...


He's not known for making a lot of sense.....

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