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^ Brutal... LOL!  tongue.gif


Not to turn this into the Uncle Erik appreciation thread, but:


"(x)moons is like reading your daily horoscope."



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Originally Posted by naurispunk View Post

Originally Posted by estreeter View Post

Dude, seriously - what have you been doing since February ?


Datin' your mom. What the hell is wrong with you?



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^^  Part of me wishes I didn't like that joke so much.  rolleyes.gif  (The other part is on the floor laughing.)



"This is an audiophile headphone forum. Come on man, we're all insane here. Don't act like your crazy headphone setup and preferences are sane or normal."  -rhythmdevils

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not a post, rather a PM but worth it:


"My heart skipped a beat and the angels cried down from their heavenly perches as I glanced upon my photos gracing the likes of the Agalloch search page. A single tear seared down my cheek and my body rolled as waves of orgasmic vigor rolled though my veins" -BobSaysHi

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Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post

Because new users to this site with a bit of money come asking in their noobishness and newness for a set of headphones that are comfy and have "sick wicked bass" or some varient of phrase thereof.

A bunch of people who have briefly heard of, or who might even own and like, the darth beyers mention them because they are renound for their "crazy mad bass whack yo" or varient of phrase thereof.

Person in question then hums and haws about the money involved but eventually drops the coin on them because other cans mentioned like the H2 are to rediculously expensive or like the HD650 aren't respected too much on the basis of "bonkers rumbling bass thump" or some varient of phrase thereof.

Darth beyers arrive from headphile, user loves "crazy pounding subwoofer on the head effect" or some varient of prase thereof until about 2 or 3 weeks later, which is either 13 or 20 days after new toy love syndrome wears thin. User listens to the headphones with ears instead of "blat bass honk trumps fo shizzle" or some varient of phrase thereof, and realises that in fact the Darth Beyer is to the ear what a train accident is to sex appeal, or what an Aga is to aerodynamics, or what a large bore oil rig drilling bit is to chess. IE: A useless pile of rubbish.

Darth Beyers sound horrible. Unless you're so much of a basshead with an inability to critically listen at all, that you are incapable of recognising it. They can actually cause motion sickness and the death of nearby children. Avoid them.



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^^^^^^^^ Were was that recommendation when I was a noob. lol

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Dude got some ink on his headphones. I was confused for a second until i read his 2nd post. lol

Originally Posted by DT770owner View Post

I tried to wash with my jewel and it doesnt work

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You've made me go and dig out some classic Duggeh now...


Originally Posted by Duggeh View Post

If you like the sound of string instruments, classical or not. The HD280 you will hate, amp or not.

Most other instruments too.

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Its incredible what you can do and write when you are high. biggrin.gif
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We have a new winner: 

Originally Posted by Gu Sensei View Post




Scene 5; Vincent Vega Buys a New Pair of Headphones




Lance, late 20s, is a young man with a wild and woolly appearance that goes hand-in-hand with his wild and woolly personality. LANCE has been selling headphones his entire adult life. He's never had a day job, never filed a tax return and has never been arrested. He wears a red flannel shirt over a "Can Jam" tee-shirt.


Three headphones lie on Lance's bed.


Lance and Vincent Vega stand at the foot of the bed.



Now this is Hifiman, from China. Very good stuff. This is Audeze, different, but equally good. And this is Stax from the Akaishi Mountains of Japan. Now the first two are the same, nine-fifty a pair – those are friend prices – but this one... (pointing to the 009s) ...this one's a little (a lot) more expensive. It's forty-five hundred. But when you hear it, you'll know where that extra money went.  Nothing wrong with the first two. They’re real, real, real, good s---. But this one's a f---in' madman.



Remember, I’ve got a pair of Ultrasones.



Am I a newb? Are you in the main Headphones forum? No. You're in Summit Fi.  Head Fiers who know the difference between good s--- and bad s---, this is the forum they come to. My s---, I'll take the Pepsi Challenge with dynamic s--- any ol' day of the fuckin' week.



That's a bold statement.



This ain't Best Buy, Vince. This is a seller's market. Dynamics are f---in' dead as disco. Stats are comin' back in a big f---in' way. It's this whole seventies retro. Orthos, stats, they're as hot as hell.


Vincent takes out a roll of money that would choke a horse to death.



Give me forty-five hundred worth of the madman.  If it's as good as you say, I'll be back for the Blue Hawaii.





Adapted from this.


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From the "What Are The Best Horror Books" thread in the Members Lounge:

Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

There's always the "Twilight" series if bad writing horrifies you.





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Originally Posted by Currawong View Post

We have a new winner: 

That was priceless biggrin.gif


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And again:


Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

just read some of poe's prose and I was inspired to write myself.  Here goes, Green Eggs and Ham- the Ultrasone version


I would not like them being amped

I would not like them kees'd or damped

I do not like them with rock or jazz

I do not like them with any music I has.

It butchered Bruch and strangled Strauss

It pillaged my wife and raped my house

Its like a cruel vending machine 

that dashes hopes and shatters dreams

but invariably you put in money "just one more time"

because it can't possibly exist just to squeeze out your last dime

you think I'll try both tubes and solid state,

I'll burn in and balance and braid it in eight,

but its futile as trying to sautee fake fruit

I'm going for stats and giving these the boot

I would not like it if it cost a pittance

But at its price sayonara and good riddance.

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In response to the new Woo Audio WA-234 $10k monoblock headphone/speaker amp pair:

Originally Posted by jc9394 View Post

Jack, can I trade body parts for this?

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