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New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil - Page 19

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There is a thing i dont get.... the Amp is 30 lbs.... ok, but the dac is 30 lbs too? Whats in there?! 

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(1) dead bird

(3) pieces of old twine

(1) empty can of spray deodorant

old toenail clippings (quantity indeterminate)

29.5 pounds of sand

a couple of chips



LMAO.. I just spilled my coffee

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Originally Posted by zeinharis View Post



LMAO.. I just spilled my coffee


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End of first post n the LINDY THREAD

Posted by100x100px-LS-5bb1c112_Untitled.jpg



The HD600 and MA900 are £300 headphone’s, the Pro 750 is around £240, and the Lindy Premium Hifi Headphone is ..... drumroll ........£75!


If you have a limited budget, say up to £100; buy these now, they are that good.


If it’s a little higher, say £150, i haven’t come across any better myself but there are more too choose from so maybe do more research.


They are still no match for my all time favourite headphone , The Astrid H1....



These were engineered by a scientist with 10 years experience, in my kitchen and they present music in such a transparent manner its hard to tell if you can hear it sometimes........


Anyway I’m off to slip into my listening jacket and pants, then i am going to put on Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories, grab a beer and do Giorgio Moroder proud with my awesome sexy robot glide™.

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Aw! I just read more of that thread—they were a father's day gift! (So cute!)

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Originally Posted by Idsynchrono_24 View Post

Ocharaku Flat-4 SUI
$350 shipped within the US/to our neighbors up north in Canada

Hey guys and goils, lookin to sell off my beloved Flat-4 SUI cause I got robbed, and by that I mean hangin around this joint causes cash to evaporate from your bank account. Anywho, the phones are well cared for and are in excellent condition and come with all accessories including the wonderful tea tin that will surely make for a conversation piece.

"Ooooh, what's that?"

"It's the tin for a set of Japanese phones, yeah... *gazes off into distance* I... Was tight with Yamagishi-San, helped him out in a rough spot there by buying these phones when no one else would. I mean, how else was he going to get by? Not by... Selling... Tea... Dammit Yama-chan" *single tear rolls down cheek*

"Wow... You're as handsome/beautiful as Brad Pitt/Monica Belluci and your soul is as enriched as the Mahatma's... Take me _________!"

Yes dear reader, you too can be transformed into a bonafide sex symbol if you just simply purchase these phones!*

*phones may or may not help you get tail
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Quatrièmement, grace à des dispositions formats standardisés pour protéger les droits et intérêts légitimes des consommateurs.Conditions de format multi-usage achats 
en ligne, parce que le déséquilibre de la situation économique des parties et dont les conditions souvent peu injuste<a , car ces dispositions, les consommateurs ne 
peuvent passivement accepter ou rejeter, les consommateurs seront privés du droit à la liberté d'expressioncher.En tant que parties d'achat en ligne n'ont pas négocié 
face à face, il est difficile de déterminer avec précision le contenu du contrat, pour la méthode de résolution des différends, etc En termes de mise en forme est 
souvent pas spécifié, de sorte que la loi traitent des achats en ligne en termes de format et de l'interprétation des exigences nécessaires. Du droit des contrats, la 
partie qui les conditions générales devrait suivre le principe de l'équité dans les droits et obligations des parties, la partie qui soulagé de sa responsabilité 
[Edit: Links removed because wink, the maniac, decided to quote it.tongue.gif], en ajoutant d'autres responsabilités, notamment le droit d'exclure l'autre, cette 
disposition n'est pas valide. Lorsque le format compris les termes de litige, il est favorable à la partie qui fournit l'explicationlouboutinprévoit également que les 
opérateurs ne doivent pas former des contrats pour les consommateurs par des exigences injustes et déraisonnables ou réduire ou d'annuler les dommages intérêts 
légitimes des consommateurs devraient porter la responsabilité civile. En bref, la loi devrait être basée sur l'honnêteté, les principes d'équité établis dans le vaste 
domaine du droit des affaires réseau stable de la relation, permettant aux consommateurs de magasiner en ligne avant  conséquences juridiques de leurs actions pour 
faire une estimation précise.what  , afin de mieux protéger les achats en ligne des consommateurs les droits et intérêts légitimes.
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Fourth, thanks to standardized formats provisions to protect the legitimate rights and interests of consommateurs.Conditions multi-purpose shopping size

online, because the imbalance of the economic situation of the parties and the terms of which often little unfair <a, because these provisions, consumers

can passively accept or reject, consumers will be deprived of the right to freedom of expressioncher. As parties online shopping did not negotiate

face to face, it is difficult to accurately determine the content of the contract, the method of dispute resolution, etc. In terms of formatting is

often not specified, so that the law dealing with online shopping in terms of format and interpretation of the requirements. Contract law, the

party terms and conditions should follow the principle of equity in the rights and obligations of the parties that the relieved of its responsibility

[Edit: Links removed. Wink, yer a nut.], in addition to other responsibilities, including the right to exclude the other, this

provision is not valid. When the format understood the terms of litigation, it is favorable to the party that provides also that explicationlouboutinprévoit

operators should not form contracts for consumers through unfair and unreasonable demands or reduce or cancel damages

legitimate consumer should bear civil liability. In short, the law should be based on honesty, equity principles established in the vast

law area stable network of business relationships, allowing consumers to shop online before legal consequences of their actions

make an estimate précise.what to better protect online shopping consumer rights and legitimate interests.


Or, for the more astute:-


Nne, shukrani kwa masharti sanifu muundo wa kulinda haki halali na maslahi ya consommateurs.Conditions mbalimbali kusudi ununuzi ukubwa

online, kwa sababu ya kukosekana kwa usawa wa hali ya kiuchumi ya vyama na suala la haki ambayo mara nyingi kidogo <, kwa sababu hawa masharti, watumiaji

unaweza passively kukubali au kukataa, watumiaji itakuwa kunyimwa haki ya uhuru wa expressioncher Kama vyama online ununuzi hakuwa kujadili.

uso kwa uso, ni vigumu kwa usahihi kuamua maudhui ya mkataba, njia ya usuluhishi, nk Katika suala la formatting ni

mara nyingi si maalum, ili kwamba sheria ya kushughulika na ununuzi online katika suala la muundo na tafsiri ya mahitaji. Sheria ya mkataba,

sheria na masharti ya chama lazima kufuata kanuni ya usawa katika haki na wajibu wa vyama kwamba kuondoka wajibu wake kwa

[Edit: Links removed. Wink, yer a nut.], pamoja na majukumu mengine, ikiwa ni pamoja na haki ya kuwatenga wengine, hii

utoaji si halali. Wakati format kueleweka suala la madai, ni nzuri kwa chama ambayo hutoa pia kwamba explicationlouboutinprévoit

waendeshaji haipaswi kuunda mikataba kwa ajili ya wateja kwa njia ya madai ya haki na mantiki au kupunguza au kufuta uharibifu

matumizi halali lazima kubeba dhima ya kiraia. Kwa kifupi, sheria lazima misingi ya uaminifu, usawa kanuni imara katika kubwa

sheria eneo imara mtandao wa mahusiano ya biashara, kuruhusu watumiaji wa duka online kabla ya matokeo ya kisheria ya matendo yao

kufanya précise.what makisio kwa shabaha ya kulinda haki za walaji online ununuzi na maslahi halali.

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Why did you translate a spam post by a spam bot…
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Because he's a multilingual spam bot?

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Got it in one.....

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From the Stax thread:


Originally Posted by wink View Post

Ah oh well my sanity had won over my temptations. Money saved!

That's just NOT in the spirit of Head-Fi.


That sort of behaviour will set a bad example to all the newbies who come here.

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From the Abyss thread in The atmospheric forum:-


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Remember, you're not getting a "wire-with-gain" with the Cavalli or Eddie Current amps.  So, two coloured amps would have to have the same colouration to be comparable, and that coloration may affect different headphones differently.  The Susy Dynahi/BHSE amps on the other hand are so transparent to source that they know what Bach was thinking when composing his preludes or #1 hit "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet."  This "lack" of sound would allow the respective headphones to play as intended rather than as some amp designer thinks they should sound.  I want my window into the soul of music to be clear, not stained glass.

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I really feel for this hifiholic....

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I just know that HD800 scaled incredibly with the MSB Analog Dac.


In a few days I have to return it....The horror :))


I imagine in the papers:


"Dan Gheorghe, a trustworthy guy, respected by his friends because of his general correctitude, teaching assistant and phd. student at one of the major universities in Bucharest, has cracked and fallen into temptation. He ran with the MSB Analog Dac. 


There have been 2 weeks already since nobody heard anything from him." 


"After another week, finnally Jack traced the msb and Dan with it. He was found in a deserted basement. He only had a chair, the msb and the headphone system. He hadn't eaten for days and had a beard covering his face. He couldn't say anything else but "msb....msb...it is mine...it must be mine".


And so, the first Audiophile Detox clinic has been established in Romania.  After a month he was clean again. 


However some people say they can still hear him sometime say : "....msb" ".


(just kidding, don't worry :)) )

Edited by dan.gheorghe - Today at 8:56 am
Stephen Wolfram: “It is possible to make things of great complexity out of things that are very simple. There is no conservation of simplicity.”

You can read about my journey into this hobby here . My last story

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

Whomever the OP is, for the love of all that is holy please take the words "Appreciation Thread" out of the title.  They are for people who can't disassociate themselves from their gear and take any criticism personally. 

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