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From the headphones for sale forum:-



send a PM to take the next step.

Free to a Good Home:
Please take my Senn HD 280 Pro... Please!

Will Ship To: ConUS

Ever look at your current headphones and think, "Man, these are just too good for me?" Have a morbid curiosity to experience pain and suffering? Do you generally lack feelings or consider yourself a bad person? Well then I have a gift for you and it comes in the form of the Sennheiser HD 280 Pro.

Yes, my friends, you have the opportunity to own the worst headphones ever created. I use the term "own" loosely because they really end up owning you. From the moment you put them on, the extreme vise-like clamping pressure will immediately have you bleeding from your nose, throwing up your gordita, and peeing from your butt.

Made it pass that welcoming introduction and found the will power to attempt to run music through it? Then you'll be treated to the most muffled, cloudy, bloated "sound" on this side of purgatory. Depression will hit you like a freight train and you'll be reaching for a crowbar trying to pry this can off your head before the neurotoxin-like signature attacks what remains of your body. Ultimately, you'll fail at this due to not anticipating the need for a halligan bar by your side.

After waking up several days later from the coma your body was forced to induce, you'll be compelled to retrace your steps on how you got to this low point in your life. Where did you go wrong? What future might you have had if you'd just made better decisions? At this point is where you'll decide it's best if you rid the world of these awful cans. Here's the problem. I've made numerous attempts to destroy the HD 280 and failed every time. It's as if Lucifer himself forged it from the strongest stone in hell and pooped it into our world as a cruel cruel joke.

Now I know at this point you're contemplating how much you'd pay for this demon seed. My answer to that is, "Please do me a solid and take these off my hands immediately for nothing but the cost of shipping," which I anticipate being no more than $15.

I wouldn't wish this experience on any good friend of mine which is why I hope it goes to a horrible enemy. The only thing I ask is after you go through this experience with them, if you decide they are not for you, send them off on a viking funeral or some other creative way to end them and record it for all the world to see.

I would take pictures of them, but the HD 280 has Medusa-like powers in that I can't point anything at it without turning it into stone.

Good luck to us all...
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From the New Jecklin Float QA thread;-



As humans we are all subject to some bias or another - if its not expenditure its the feel of the cups or pads, the look on the stand, the cachet of a given brand, if something is rare/OOP/unique whatever.  He has a parallel value list which seems to imply he keeps value in consideration, just ultimately prefers one thing over the other.


I used to think the Edition 10 was terrible, but that really was before I found music that was sufficiently sophisticated for it.  I managed to get my hands on an obscure release by Steve Reich's grandson.  He put together a great group called "The Third Reich" and they limited their first album (a real throwback, available only as rolls to insert into player pianos) to just 10 copies.  The album, "Music for a Million Monkeys," was predicated on the well known fact that a million monkeys on a million typewriters would eventually type the complete works of Chopin.  Sitting there with my Ultrasone Edition 10 on my head, listening to endless clickety-clack of the typewriters as played by an old off-key player piano as overworked monkeys desperately tried to make musical notes with a typewriter, it slowly dawned on me just where the strengths of the Edition 10 lie and it is for a very specific genre that most have simply never experienced.  I am now specifically calibrating my listening room for this genre (figuring out how to treat walls that are already padded is a real pain) and I hope others have the same epiphany I did some day.  I think the technical term the doctors gave it was "scherzophrenia."

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Originally Posted by Radio_head View Post

Thinking of selling my Liquid Lightning.  It is a lovely amp, right up there at the top with the BHSE and Electra in my opinion.  At this level, its all root beer and grape flavored popsicles.  If you actually like banana then please get out of my listing right now.


Amp is in excellent condition and has all original shipping and packing materials, foams, dust cover, etc.  


Pictures available on request though I'll probably post some soon here anyways, price includes shipping.


But wait... there's more.  Order in the next 48 hours and you'll get a free Meridian Explorer in like-new condition.  I think I kind of sabotaged my own sale there, so you can have it with the Liquid Lightning purchase!


Reason for sale: R10 purchase. If that falls through, LL2 purchase.  If that doesn't work out, I will totally make it rain when the clown performs at my niece's birthday party.  Restraining orders are for wimps.


Please see my coerced testimonials feedback for references.  I also have stellar blackmailed confessions feedback on various other audio, leather, and whip related forums that can be procured on a need-to-know basis.


Another from Radio_head.

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Originally Posted by Mimouille View Post

No no no you are wrong my fellow receptable of frequencies. The SM64 are unnaceptable. And all FAD iems are unnaceptable. And the Sui is a poor attempt at an IEM. And the 4ai are unnaceptable. And the Tera player is unnaceptable. And I am forgetting all the other things that are unnaceptable and should be controlled and banned by the CEIDOS (Commission for Elimination of IEMs and DAPs with Original Signature).


On the other hand, the new DIY model build by the Commission, the Flat-o-Phone X, is the only acceptable IEM. It has a purely flat graph. It is said that it is so boring, you could use it to put Iggy Pop to bed after he took 10 grams of blow. However it is perfectly flat. And it comes in brightish grey (not too bright), neutral grey and darkish grey (not too dark). It goes great with the Commission's new grey uniforms with the "In Graph We Trust" logo in the back. I love to listen to frequency testing sounds in the morning when walking towards the Graphing Mega-Complex.


This post means offense to no one, I am really just kidding (just in case the Commission does exist).






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From Stax Sigma - how many owners are left out there? - Page 2

Originally Posted by edstrelow View Post

I do a certain amount of tweaking which I think adds to the sound quality. If you don’t believe these things work, you can skip this paragraph and frankly Scarlett I don’t give a damn. Contacts have Silclear silver paste and Progold applied. Cds are trimmed to be more circular using the Desk System lathe, and machine polished with Mapleshade polish. The cd’s have additional weights either using old Alsop sorbethane rings or stick-on covers. There are sorbethane feet under the amp and cd player and 2 PS Audio Noise Harvesters in the power strip.


These tweaks sound so weird to me... I lol'd so much my stomach hurts.

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Sounds like Patrick82.

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Originally Posted by DefQon View Post

Sounds like Patrick82.


Sure does....lol

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Originally Posted by Achmedisdead View Post


Sure does....lol



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Am I allowed to quote myself?  This, from the latest "Senn veil" thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/670555/what-is-a-veiled-sound:


A "veiled" sound is something my ears get used to within the first 15 minutes of listening to my HD-600s, after which I can sit through a whole Wagner opera, shrieking Birgit Nilsson and all, with no ear fatigue whatsoever. Bring on the Ring Cycle.
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NO...!  Let someone less astute do it for you...

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Originally Posted by Delirious Lab View Post

A "veiled" sound is something my ears get used to within the first 15 minutes of listening to my HD-600s, after which I can sit through a whole Wagner opera, shrieking Birgit Nilsson and all, with no ear fatigue whatsoever.





Oh, wait, her.


You audiophiles, sometimes your fancy humor goes over my uncultured uncouth noggin.

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She look's like a junkie.

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Looks like the fat lady has sung for both of them...oops did I just say that out loud?

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New Schiit! Ragnarok and Yggdrasil - Page 19

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There is a thing i dont get.... the Amp is 30 lbs.... ok, but the dac is 30 lbs too? Whats in there?! 

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(1) dead bird

(3) pieces of old twine

(1) empty can of spray deodorant

old toenail clippings (quantity indeterminate)

29.5 pounds of sand

a couple of chips

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Originally Posted by mosshorn View Post











I smell the beginning of another Dsnuts rampage. I swear Dsnuts, you could say "guys these Hello Kitty buds are OUT OF THIS WORLD."



.....I would probably still have them wish listed and try to find a matching DAP. 



but in all seriousness, I've thought about trying the XBA series. They look nice, and the ONLY complaint I've really heard is that they were overpriced. I'm a sucker for J-cords, so if anyone has an extra 3 to trade, PM me! biggrin.gif



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