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From the M8 thread:

Originally Posted by wormsdriver View Post

Originally Posted by disastermouse View Post

With such a niche product, I'm curious what exactly constitutes a success, sales-wise.  I'm really digging the power and the balanced out and I'm thinking that I could use it as an DAC/Amp for my main rig that just happens to also be portable.  It would be nice to take a trip home and get people to hear what I hear when I listen to music.

Remember to do this responsibly. people who are not use to this level of fidelity might either:

A. -spontaneously combust

B. -crap their pants

C. -develop a serious head-fi addiction, in which things start off innocently enough, but end up on the brink of insanity due to                 

        insomnia and compulsive buying of gear and Hi-res music files, among other craziness that comes with.

C. -give you a condescending look like you've got it all wrong and then want you to try their precious Beats to teach you a thing or

      two about what real music sounds like. Ha!

D. -head explodes while crapping their pants!

--Other forum members please feel free to add on to this list if needed--

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This may have already been posted, I'll admit I didn't go through all 24 pages.But this oldie but goody from mkmelt in 2004. It's a riff on an old WWII joke:



Perhaps the following disclaimer should come with all tube headphone amplifiers.


Alles kopfphonerlisteners non-technischens! Das tubenmachine is nicht for gefengerpoken und mittengrabben. Oderwise is easy schnappen der springenverk, blowenfus, und poppencap, mit spitzensparken, und smokentubes. Geverken inside der tubenmachine is fur der experten only. Is nicht fur geverken inside by das dumpkopfen. Das rubbernecken amateuren keepen das cotton-picken hands in das pockets. Just relaxen, enjoyen der musik, und vatchen das pretty glowentubes.


When I saw this thread, I immediately thought of the whole Singlepower bruhahah.

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That's an oldie.

I remember running into it's original form in the NSWGR in the mid sixties.

I ran into it again when working for Telstra in the  late eighties, and sporadically ever since.

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From the HD800 thread.



Originally posted by LugBug1


'There once was a sheep called Flossy,

Who listened to files that were lossy,

Though the files were compressed,

They still sounded the best,

That's because she had the top of the range Sennheiser flagship HD800 headphones.'



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Just to make Amos homesick as he listens to this short clip on his phones..


I was up at Katoomba about a fortnight ago to go for a hike down to Fern Glen and further. A flock of about 20 currawongs flew into a tree and serenaded my group as we started the hike...


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Nice one! Thanks for the video. Nostalgic indeed. My old house was in Canberra near bushland and I used to awake every morning to a chorus like that.

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From the K712 thread:



Originally Posted by KetchupNinja View Post

New video up for them on Youtube, anyone care to translate?  wink.gif



Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

DURKA DURKA Mohammad Jihad? biggrin.gif
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hahaha....now that is random.

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Originally Posted by Acix View Post

K-712 Pro.

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Lol. Subbed.
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Looks like a currawong with a bit of artistic licence....

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The birds like "I'm gonna get you for doing this to me!" (animal cruelty lol).

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THIS: (from the Brainwavz review thread...)



Originally Posted by atomikn00b View Post

I guess I'll post.

This is what I think of the r1's recessed mids.


They are like..





Originally Posted by AuxIn View Post


Yeah, I do hear this spike clearly biggrin.gif

[/kidding off]



Originally Posted by atomikn00b View Post



sorry. best I could do with a quick "stroke" of the mouse.


Originally Posted by Zelda View Post

LOL, that spike at the lows would be Turbulance instead of Sibilancebeyersmile.png


Originally Posted by FatManWithAC2 View Post

Well it is air turbulence inside your ear.


Originally Posted by atomikn00b View Post

holy ****
we just invented a new head-fi term. I can see it's usage:

"The bass is tight and punchy but there is a bit of turbulence at about 35Hz reducing the smoothness of the bass"


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From the Stax thread, of all places:



Originally Posted by milosz View Post

Originally Posted by rolandmsv View Post

Tried to roll up solder joint - can't ignite it. How did you smoke them?!

I tried smoking some salmon once..... wasn't really all that great. They have to be pretty dry to stay lit.  The  only effect it had was that cats followed me around for a few days.

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