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Quote from nikongod:
With this post you have stirred a great desire in me. As I gaze longingly on such a fine tool I can but imagine the instantanous melting of solder in the joining of even large gauge wires and vaporization of small parts. It makes my nipples stiffen, and my desk may soon tip as a result of my growing desire but I can not overt my gaze from this tool. OOOOOOOH. Perhaps the worst part of finding this thing I so badly want is also finding it so readily available and willing to be touched and held firmly in my hand. Perhaps some day it will be mine, until then I will have to make do with simply looking shyly from afar and knowing that I have an inadequate regulated Weller 40W at home. Despite the fact that my own tool is more than adequate for the joining of smaller parts it no longer seems like enough. What should I do if I want to solder a 16ga wire to a tube socket? Would my dinky little weller be able to handle it? Would it just cough and sputter feebly on the floor while a man with a real tool could finish the job? I banish these thoughts! How I curse you sanity and practicality! were you not to have stepped in and remind me I dont need something so outstandingly awesome I would own such a tool now. Some day one of you sanity or practicality will leave me and I will take this tool into my home, and we will solder together to consummate our union.


 ^ Good stuff.  =]

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I'm gonna go ahead and quote myself.  i have to admit i was pretty proud of this one at the time...


in response to someone insisting on moar bass!!!, and keeping it portable


I can beat them all.  trust me on this one...

ok bear with me... ill take you through this step by step...   and ill save you lots of money in the process.  you have almost everything you need already. 

First, buy a red wagon.. a radio flyer..the kind with the flames painted on the side.  See if you can upgrade to some oversized knobby rubber tires.

then buy a car battery, or heck make it  2 just to be safe. 

get some rope, tie that battery up in the front of wagon good and tight.

next get yourself a couple 4 metal pipes and weld them to the sides of the wagon so they stick up about two  or 3 feet in a box around the center of the wagon. 

now pull the stereo out of your car, and the speakers.. and all four of those big ol woofers of yours.

bolt the speakers to the posts, stack the woofers in the back of the wagon and use some more of that rope to secure them real tight

now strap that stereo deck right on top of the battery and wire it all up.

there should be just enough space for you to sit in between the battery and the woofers and the 4 speakers can be adjusted to point directly at your ears


Now... the last and most important step.   You're gonna need a monkey.  Preferebly a chimp because they are easiset to train and dont get violent in their old age.

they are also small (keepin it portable) and quite strong for their size. 

train the chimp to pull you around wherever you want to go, to stop for oncoming traffic and various stoplights and signs and what not.

using a stick with a banana hanging from a string in front of the monkey is a good way to keep him going.


Viola.  Eye shaking brain melting portable bass, and one bad ass transportation system to boot, and you didnt even have to spend money on new cans.


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Lol that pokemon thread was really funny. Can't believe it degenerated into that biggrin.gif

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WoW, that was awsome.  Thanks for the heads up.beerchug.gif

Originally Posted by sphinxvc View Post

The first seven posts of this thread literally made me laugh out loud.




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Here's a funny post about the Sennheiser HD800 XL Elite Turbocharged limited edition. In response to a series of "your headphones suck" type of comments from another member. It's quite long so I'll just post an edited excerpt:



Quote by H22:

The sound cannot be described, there are not yet words, but if you close your eyes the experience is similar to what you see when hitting "warp 10", time expands and contracts, you are sucked into a alternate state of being where all your senses are stimulated to an event horizon. You don't just hear the music, you are the music, and the music is both inside and outside you. You see and hear the past present and future and are at once enlightened.


Upon the song ending, you are let back gently to the real world and vaguely aware that you lost all bowl control and had what appears to have been a continuous wet dream ( note here, its a good idea to wear an adult diaper) .

Almost not worth mentioning are a few of the small side effects that have been noticed while using these:

1, Reverses balding

2, Cures cancer

3, Extended use causes fat to disappear and muscle growth

4, Has been reported to cause ESP in some users

And one user even claims that upon placing these on his dead uncle, he came back to life and lived for 10 more years



Mine are better that yours, na na na bo bo.



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I wish Scrypt and Samgotit were more active - I love those two.

Though Kirosia gets me regulary. I love Kirosia, though he thinks that no one does. Unfortunately, I am not an attractive redhead.
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Originally Posted by sphinxvc View Post

The first seven posts of this thread literally made me laugh out loud. 




Edit:  The pokemon thread.  Read upto page 5 - hilarious.



I'd agree if it didn't seem so horribly staged.


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Originally Posted by Sumpfkraut View Post




I'd agree if it didn't seem so horribly staged.


It's a conspiracy!


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Originally Posted by JamesMcProgger View Post

this thread about a wooden beats

Wow... UE is a goldmine...
Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post

Not quite my taste. They reminder of something you'd find in an Amish furniture store.

No, oh no no no.

The Amish have great taste. Amish designs are simple, elegant, and perfectly fit the task they're designed for. Built with excellent joinery and craftsmanship, too. The Amish helped lead the way towards 20th century minimalism.

This... this... is none of that. If the Amish built headphones, they would be more along the lines of a Grado. Except they wouldn't fall apart and they'd be really neutral.
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I love me some Tyll posts and videos.


He's the Bruce Campbell of audiophiles. The magic is in the Hawaiian shirt.







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The Law of Dimishing Returns kicks in as soon as you abandon thrift stores, estates sales, garage sales, Craigslist, eBay, dumpsters, curbsides, and begin to frequent audio shops, even the second-hand ones. -Lazarous Short tongue.gif



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"I don't want cables made from rare materials harvested from the heart of a passing comet, laced with the illusive Higgs Boson particle captured from the miniature big bangs created by the LHC. I just want something that's more than the stock cable using quality components without the 60000% markup."


Olor1n discussing a poll on whether Fiio should eventually look at the headphone cable market

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In response to someone who thought they were addicted to buying IEM's.

"A prefrontal lobotomy may be your only hope. It worked for me. Don't try this at home, like I did. It's not a DIY procedure.


You can get one on the Internet from China at really reasonable rates but you will need to pay your way to China. Ask for the Head-Fi discount using coupon code: SAVEME. That, or just stop buying things you don't really need. Your choice. "
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This thread about rabbits chewing very expensive cables



and this another of the same user, Patrick83 about "which country has teh best sound?"


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