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IEM Suggestions?

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I need a suggestion for some IEMS under $300.

I listen to hip-hop, R&B metal, techno and sometimes rock.


SOURCE: Sony Walkman S Series



EQ can be used, but preferaby not.

MUSIC mostly around 320kbps.


Highs: must be very clear and defined.

Mids: Less of a concern, but still clearly audible. Voice must be clear.

Bass: Bass must have some thumping or revert sound, precise. Must be crisp.


Thanks in advance.

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Any suggestions?

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i would take a look at the phonak pfe or the ue triple fi, both have quite good balance and tight but not emphasised bass.


really liked the um2s and westone 2s but they might not have the treble extension you're looking for

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I will recommend JVC FX700 if you raise your budget a bit and they sound pretty amazing with rich deep reverbing bass, clear mids and clean extended highs. Some others are like Westone 3, SM3, IE8, DBA-02 and TF10Pro.

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Thanks for replies guys.


@imademymark: if i increased by budget to $400, would these change? I think i've found some more cash lying around... :)


@ZARIM: I will have a look at the JVC FX700. I was seriously considering the SM3 and the UM3x. How does the sound compare for the JVC with these?


Thanks again for responding. =)

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