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B&W P5 or AKG 271

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Hey guys I'm debating between these two I like the design of both equally however the P5's will be better for portable use however what do you think sound wise is the better choice?


I liek listening to acoustic,metal,rock, and rap , sometimes classical



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The AKG 271 are by far the better headphones. However, I did find them quite sibilant and fatiguing, which made me decide to return them.


I think some people here prefer the AKG K241. While I have not heard them, it might be worth checking them out.


That being said, the P5s are gorgeous and very comfortable to boot.

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get K240S and keep some money in your pocket or buy portables for the difference

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PX200 II, sorry for the suggestion. For a basic good allround portable headphone it is one of the best. If portable is all you need...

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When I first tried the p5 it was definitely muffled. Even though I only tried them out for a minute or 2, I could definitely tell there was a large muffle or veil over the mid-range. Considering your musical tastes, the 271, I feel, will do more justice than the p5.
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wow those headphones are so different I think more research would be good.  Here's some good ones to look into.


Sennheiser PX100 II


Shure SRH840

Dennon D1001


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