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Denon AH-D1100, Bass is good, Soundstage is good. Half the price you are asking for biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by d1554573r View Post

If You really want to go for Beyerdynamics if im right they come in 2 versions high and low ohm, the lower ohms are the less power is required to give the same volume. So get the lower ohm :)

The DT770 32Ohm has really terrible reviews! There's more to ohms then just volume...

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There's a thread on here that reviews all versions of the DT770s, DT880s, and DT990s, plus compares them against a few other non-Beyer phones. I don't remember the thread title, but I'm sure a search could dig it up.


-- Griffinhart


EDIT: Derp. I already had a tab opened to the thread. In fact, the tab right after the one in which I posted this. Here it is.

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Definatly HD600s


They have very tight, impact strong bass ( say "oomph") and it goes very low. They have a huge soundstage, are very fast and super clean in the highs.


The 650s are a good choice too, but i think they have a more bloated, resonant sound in the low frequs. The good thing is that they distort a little bit less, than the HD600s.


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I'll go ahead and throw in Ultrasones as a recommendation. Very easy to drive and very fun and impactful bass, without sounding bloated whatsoever.

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x3 on HD600.  If you don't mind getting another set of senns of course.  I like them more than D5000 and maybe more than my RS-1 & D7000 since they don't overdo the highs (like RS-1 & D7000) or the lows (like the D7000 & D5000).  The Beyers might be great too, haven't heard them.

 Just don't get low-ohm DT770.  deadhorse.gif

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I have both the Denon D2000 and Grado 325is, and for metal I will definitely have to recommend the Grado. They sound amazing with guitars and acoustic. The bass isn't overwhelming but punchy. Unfortunately the highs are a bit harsh, but either they don't sound as bright with burn-in, through a tube amp, or just getting accustomed to them. But I must say they are a bit heavy due to the metal alloy for the casing, and at least for me they hurt after having them on for around 2 hours.


The Denons are many times more comfortable, with more bass (I don't find them muddy, but it depends on the recording), recessed mids, and sparkly highs (in a good way). I don't find them as nice for metal  and they have a bit of a more relaxed sound compared to the Grado.

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Originally Posted by macrocheesium View Post


The DT770 32Ohm has really terrible reviews! There's more to ohms then just volume...

Okey my bad they come in more versions I was reffering to 250 ohm and 600 ohm :)

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Sennheiser HD600!!

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Originally Posted by paulcorri View Post

Sennheiser HD600!!

From secound hand perhaps >.>

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I have the DT990's and do not find the highs too harsh. Tube amp helps there for sure. However, I find the DT990's sound best with complex detailed music and are not a great impact headphone. For the type of music you mentioned I would consider something else.

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