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Best cans ~$300?

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Title basically. I own a pair of Sennheiser 555 and I am currently looking to upgrade to something ~300. This is what I am considering so far 


Denon AHD2000

AKG 702

Beyerdynamic DT 990

and Grado SR325is


Which one should I get? I love my bass and listen to pretty much everything from electronic to metal music. Any information on how these contrast would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot!

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Grados aren't that good for electronic due to the small-ish soundstage, and AKG are very neutral so you might find them boring with music you like to rock out to. They also lack bass so I'd count them out. The D2000 is one that people can never seem to agree on; with the recessed mids you have to like that specific kind of sound signature to enjoy them. The DT990 sounds like a really good choice here! The thunderous bass would satisfy you and sound great with heavy genres of music.


Another one to consider: the HD600, even though I'm still thinking you would like the DT990.

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thanks! this clarifies a lot. Going with the DT990 then XD 



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I would like to add really quickly that the DT990s have great but not THUNDEROUS bass(though for audiophile level cans they might).  It is very tight and has a good punch but do not expect the DT990s to have serious impact(They do respond very well to bass boost but not other EQ IMO).  Also they arent the best at bass extension, however for rock and electronica I'm not sure if I know anything better.  Also if would be so kind as to compare the soundstage and the separation(are they the same thing?) of the HD555 and DT990s?  I just bought a pair of 990s and feel as though my old HD555s had far more separation than these but then again this is a 2 year gap in the last time I've heard them so...Please be sure to check Amazon warehouse for a "Like New" set of DT990s, mine were $153 but you have to make sure it is in like new condition or better.


Also I feel sorry for your wallet, as when you buy these, you will more than likely buy an amp and then you'll be directed to a fiio E7 or something similar.  Then you'll start wondering "what if I bought this as well..." and then its all over for your savings.....

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I think most will agree that the AKG 702 are out for the specific genres of music you listed, though some will always feel otherwise. I have enjoyed hearing them well amped on classical music, but that is where I personally draw the line on them.


Don't discount the Grados too quickly. It seems there are quite a few around here who like them for metal. I didn't like their look, comfort, or sound but I only heard them in a LOUD hi-fi shop, so it in was far from optimal conditions. They do have a following, so listen to them somewhere if you can.


I own DT990~600ohm (with Woo 3+ amp) and truly love them for all genres so long as the source is excellent, but they are a shade bright and I have gotten to a point where I hate listening to many rock MP3s with them. If MP3 listening is part of your long term plan, proceed carefully. If you go the DT990 route, understand that they are available in 3 different impedance levels, with the higher ones requiring a proper amp to get the most from them. Also, I completely agree with Aita on the "thunderous bass" being a poor description. They have very strong bass for audiophile cans, but it is very tight and controlled compared to certain Monstrously overpriced, celebrity endorsed cans that I won't mention here.


D2000 -- I haven't heard them. I won't regurgitate what I have read, but it does seem to me that these might be very interesting for you interests.

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I'm listening only loseless formats but for me DT990 have too bright highs that's why my pair is in for sale forum for a good while

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if you do decide the senn. 600 I think it would just be in your interest to chaulk up the difference and get the 650s.

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A lot of people prefer the 600's to the 650's. Of course a lot of people prefer the 650's instead, but you can't just assume the more expensive option will be better.

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I haven't found my DT990's to be overly harsh on highs, sure it is more prominent than say a Senn, but at normal listening volumes nothing too bad unless the song itself is harsh.

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Go for the DT 880's instead. 

Mids and highs are good sounding with metal/rock. 


Another thing that influences the sound, is the amp you get for them. 

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For me DT990 were harsh only straight from the box but after about 20 hours of burn-in not anymore but highs too bright and even EQ was unable to remove it completely just reduce it to acceptable level. DT880 are not harsh or bright but unfortunately don't have so much details as DT990 have so i decided to try HD650 just to find out that this is what i was looking for. I chose HD650 instead of 600 cause i found a good deal @J&R not because they are more expensive.
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The k702, dt990 and dt880 all need decent amps to be driven properly. Unless you will have funds to spend a few extra hundred for an amp I would consider the other options.


The D2000 has a lot of bass (a tad sloppy here) and recessed mids, these will sound pretty good for electronic, but the Grado 325 will wipe the floor for rock and metal. If you are considering the Grado, I would go for the Alessandro 325 version.

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I bought my DT770s (600 ohm ver.), brand-new, for $185 off of Amazon. That gives you, what... $215 in leeway to get an amp? (My current is a Practical Devices XM5, soon upgrading to an XM6.) The Fireye II is an okay choice (I've one myself, though it's currently in the hands of a roommate) for $100.


I listen to the same stuff you just listed (at least, I listen to a whole lotta electronic noise - stuff like Daft Punk, Venetian Snares, Darude, Haz - a whole lotta metal, and some other stuff in between, including pretty much everything except country. Yeah, even rap), and if you're looking for bass, then the DT770s've got you covered - especially if your "electronic" music includes stuff like dubstep (where a deep, wobbly bass is critical to the sound).


I used to own the DT990s (also 600 ohms), but I never had them properly powered, so there wasn't much bass impact (that I can remember; I haven't worn a pair for serious listening for a couple of months). They performed admirably on the mid-range and treble though, if memory serves me right.


So yeah, my $0.02USD.


-- Griffinhart

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I don't comment on cans I have never owned but I do own a pair of Denon D2K's and they sound great.

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When it comes to headphones, try them before You buy anything, bring Your own cd's, lisen, compare. Decide on Your own :)


Keep in mind that hiend headphones require decent amp. I bought 555 like 7 years ago and they were decent entry into headphones realm they are easy to drive - dont expect this from 300+ headphones :) If You really want to go for Beyerdynamics if im right they come in 2 versions high and low ohm, the lower ohms are the less power is required to give the same volume. So get the lower ohm :)


What ever You choose from Your list You'll never feel good about lisening to music on 555's again.


I got akg k701 and they are awsome but i cant get good amping for them and thou im not really satisfied by them yet, so i can tell You at this point You would need another 500$+ for amp or even more to drive them.

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