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My solid state speaker amp greatly improved with the HE-6 when I put a 6SN7 tube stage in between it and my DAC. I didn't really need the extra gain though. I am now in the process of having my WA22 converted to a balanced (and attenuated) preamp for even better flavor. The speaker amp is quite neutral so I think it will be a good combo. I have been wanting to do this for a while now, and recently I had an exchange with another Head-fier that did the same thing with the exact same gear (and I thought I was special wink.gif) with excellent results so I am really looking forward to this!
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I moved my speaker amp into it's new home and am listening to the HE-6 through a different DAC, a balanced one so without any tube stage. I miss the depth of the tubes, and this DAC is of course different, I think it's more neutral. Can't wait until the WA22 gets back, even though I like this combo the way it is.

The HE-6 still sounds Amazing and Dynamic dt880smile.png
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Just looked at the figures and graphs for the HE-400 and comparing this to HE-6 at InnerFidelity.com.


Power to reach 90dB SPL:

HE-6: 19.69 mW

HE-400: 0.33mW


This means that the HE-6 needs 60 (yes, sixty) times more power to reach a certain sound pressure level than the HE-400. That's a substantial difference!

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Interesting. 85dB SPL is apparently already loud enough that long-term exposure (i.e., over 8 hours) can cause hearing damage (see here and here). So in order to reach 90dB SPL the HE-6 requires less than 20mW. To put this in perspective, 2 Watts is 100x as much power, 4 Watts is 200x and 6 Watts is 300x.

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