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Cheers! :)


Yeah, the black backgrounds work quite nicely on my D3's AMOLED as well.

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Just pre-ordered Motorola Razr and will test Rockbox when I get home in less than two weeks. 

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New version of my theme: DFKT Minimum 480x800 v0.23

Added some more pretty graphics, and used Kugel's 32 bit alpha transparency Tango icons.

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Cleaned up some code: DFKT Minimum 480x800 v0.24

Button press animations for FFWD/REW/skip still aren't optimal, but better than before.

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Thread Starter 

OP updated with DFKT's recent 480x800 theme build (v0.24).

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Originally Posted by SoulSyde View Post

The purpose of this thread is to list all of the devices that have been tested using Rockbox for AndroidPost your experiences and I will add you to the registry.  Please include the following in your post:



  • Device name.
  • Which version of Android you are running?
  • Is your Device rooted?
  • Any other information that you think may be helpful.


  • Feel free to add any links to Builds or Themes as well.

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0, or YP-G70

Android 2.3.5

Player is not rooted.

Rockbox build is from http://rasher.dk/rockbox/android/ and the build number is 94177e6-120128 , 800x480 resolution. At the moment I just am using the cabbie v2 theme....I have plenty of other things to explore with the player so themes and such can wait.


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Motorola Razr XT910



Build from Rasher 94177e6-120128

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any word on when this will officially be released on the android market?

And how does the sound quality compare with PowerAmp and Neutron music player?

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Originally Posted by jjmai View Post

any word on when this will officially be released on the android market?

And how does the sound quality compare with PowerAmp and Neutron music player?

I haven't used either one enough to do a very critical comparison, but I do have Rockbox and PowerAmp on my Galaxy 5.0....biggest difference is Poweramp on default settings is much louder than Rockbox. Of course, PowerAmp isn't free like Rockbox...

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I can confirm that it works on an unrooted Sony Z1070 with Gingerbread 2.3.4 using the 480x800 94177e6-120128 build by Rasher. Touchscreen sensitivity seems a little iffy, but haven't really tried sitting down and experimenting with the settings yet. Preliminary testing seems like it can be improved in that manner. dfkz's theme seems to work fine but player only stays in landscape mode, unless there's a setting that needs to be changed to enable it. Widget controls are working but the built-in Sony quick-access touch controls only work with the stock Sony player.

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The 800x480 and the 480x800 (best with my setup) versions run well on my Samsung Galaxy Player 5 unrooted running Gingerbread 2.3.5.  First thoughts is that Rockbox is far superior than the stock player software that was included with the player for sound quality.  With no EQ applied and zero tweaks to the settings it sounds pretty damn good.  It will take a while to kick the tires with this and to compare it to PowerAmp (paid version) which is my favorite player (so far) that clearly beat Neutron in my tests.  I got my copy from: http://rasher.dk/rockbox/android/ 

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Minor update...I do not know if this is a bug or a feature, but the FF and RW graphical buttons do not skip to the next song.  If I hold, they do FF and RW, would like to have dual use buttons or more buttons to manipulate the songs.  I can go into the track list by touching the album art and pick whatever song so there is an easy work around. 


Graphical EQ...not much of an EQ compared to PowerAmp with only 5 levels of adjustment.  It is good that it sounds almost perfect with zero EQ.  I did adjust one of the peak filters to center on 6000Hz and dropped it a few Db to help smooth out some high frequency harshness.  6000Hz makes my ears scream...every audio system in the world does this to me so no knock against Rockbox.  It also does not help that my Earbuds (Klipsch S4) also exaggerate sound around 6k.


Another area where Rockbox cannot compete is in the widget department.  PowerAmp has a widget that allows you to make track/album changes from the lock screen.  As far as I can tell, Rockbox does not allow for this which can be a problem with using this in my player that is used 90% of the time in my car.  Speaking of my car audio setup.  Clear high levels of volume is very important for me since I am only able to use the headphone jack for connectivity and the Samsung Player is not very loud be default.  PowerAmp kicked Neutron's ass in this department...I think Rockbox will fair well, but we will see.


--UPDATE-- Feb 13...


No skipping noticeable with VBR files which made PowerAmp crack until I upped the priority setting.

PictureFlow in Context Menu....got excited here, but no cover art showed up even though there is cover art in the normal player "Now Playing" screen.

Very smooth volume control...it goes up and down like turning a knob with RockBox, 'nuf said.  It would not be worth mentioning volume changes, but PowerAmp does not change volume smoothly, volume changes at high levels seem to drop off, then plateau at a higher/lower level then before the volume change.  It is a bit strange, could be a problem with the DSPs with PowerAmp.

I figured out what I did to make it so I could not use the FF/RW icons to change tracks...in the Playback Settings I selected "Prevent Track Skipping."  Kind of a random setting...but now you know.

Final test - loud clear volume for playing in my car.  Rockbox failed...the stock Galaxy Player software was louder, which is a bit sad.  Neutron could get loud enough, but it was touchy.  PowerAmp at 50% blows Rockbox and Neutron away.  

Overall, it is a great player.  If you have easy to drive headphones you will never need to worry about the lack of high volume.  Great job guys, but it doesn't meet all of my requirements.

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Subscribed to this interesting thread.  Keep up the good work, guys!

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New update, v0.27: http://www.mediafire.com/?8yfr9p7s5iodqx2

Lots of changes under the hood, taking advantage of new theme code functionality - so it needs a fairly new RaaA build.

The "RG" icon in the status bar is a Replaygain status indicator. Theme shows warnings when volume level is above 0dB, when sample rate isn't 44.1kHz, and when Replaygain is enabled but no Replaygain tags are available for the current track. Optimizations for chiptune format display are included as well.

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  • Device name: Samsung Droid Charge
  • Which version of Android you are running: 2.3.4 Gummy Charged 2.1 Custom ROM with OC and Voodoo Sound enabled kernel
  • Is your Device rooted: Of course it is.
  • Any other information that you think may be helpful:


My ROM: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/5643-romep1wcwmgummycharged-gbe-21-10242011/

My kernel: http://rootzwiki.com/topic/137-01-30-12peanutbutta-jelly-time/ (This is an absolutely great kernel, supporting overclocking and undervolting the CPU)

My Rockbox Build: http://rasher.dk/rockbox/android/ (I know this has been posted here multiple times, but it never hurts to provide the link again)


I am only trying this out for the fun of it. When I listen to music on my phone, it's usually through Google Music, which I think does a hell of a job for a streaming service. I don't use my phone when I want high quality music. But I thought this would be fun to try out. I need new things to play with once in a while, and I figured what the hell? Since I just rockboxed my HiFiMan successfully. 


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