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Originally Posted by b0ris84 View Post

Galaxy S2 T-Mobile SGH-T989 with root. I got fonts to work. You will need root to do it though.

Download it here http://download.rockbox.org/release/3.13/rockbox-fonts-3.13.zip

put it on your phone. Extract it to /data/data/org.rockbox/app_rockbox/rockbox/fonts - there should only be one font in there.

next you have to use the shell. either through your comp or on the phone you use a terminal

su, go into that exact directory and do "chmod 777 *" without quotes which gives full access to every font in that folder

Now they work when I select them, before I could only select them but they would never take effect.

Having some problems with bringing the player back to the screen after it's been playing in the background. Loading a song while a song from the database was already playing same problem.

bye bye Neutron Player.

You actually can just put in in the 'rockbox' directory in your sdcard. It works the same.
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Device: Sony Xperia E

Android: 4.1.1

Rooted: No


I am enjoying Rockbox quite a bit on my new little phone. It beats the sound of the stock Walkman player and my beloved Sansa Clip (also rockboxed) after some finetuning.


Occasionally, there are situations when the application will not come back on the screen after the phone goes to sleep, although the music runs in the background. The screen also sometimes goes black when I run through the menus too fast or try to save .ctg file while playing music. The only thing I can do then is force stop the app.


But it doesn`t happen too often and once I nailed the appropriate crossfeed and EQ settings for my Ultrasones and Sennheiser buds and stopped changing settings frantically, the application works tolerable.



Thank you very much for making this possible.



edit: "application works just fine" changed to "application works tolerable" after some consideration

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Didn't like it on nexus 4 to start with. Ironically stated liking it more after switching to a grid instead of point LCD control. However grid mode seems to only work in portrait
If you increase the font size some elements are still way too small, so I guess it needs a custom skin
It seems to skip a few times a minute if browsing
There is no lock screen widget
It frequently crashes into a black screen and I have to kill it

Ill stick to aimp or poweramp

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I u wat to root to gain sound tweaks and so i can give some help. its easy on sony phones and samsung...


just ask ill give a TUT on howto root it in 5 minutes with no PC....

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Hi Pruikki,

I'd be glad if you can get in touch with me!

I have an old Samsung Galaxy i7500 that I'm using as a media player.........


Thanks again,


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might give it another go - nb - prevent track skipping option in settings
edit: hmmm back to poweramp (crashes, volume set to system, not rockbox when launched (really loud), tracks don't get added to the dynamic playlist (can't find any playlists even the dynamic one for some reason)
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A couple of old Archos devices which are now often found very cheap on ebay, even new sometimes:

Archos A43IT gen8 16GB (4.3 inch screen), as already mentioned on the first page. Mine is rooted - see http://dev.openaos.org/wiki/SettingUpMultiRootGen8 - and running an otherwise regular Archos 2.4.83 firmware (Android 2.2.1 Froyo). It runs Rasher's 480x800 build of March 1st 2014 and works without problems of any kind. The theme I use is a modified version of DFKT's Minimum 480x800 (see pg. 1 of this thread). It is really excellent for touchscreen use and easily modified for tweaking metadata display and similar. This is a really good device for Rockbox as the screen is big enough to be comfortable, sound quality is great so long as you don't use multi-driver IEMs. If you use headphones with a microphone and a four ring jackplug you may need an adapter (a plain extension cord can do the trick if you don't mind losing the mic). Battery life on audio playback is very long indeed (think days not hours) even with a microSD card inserted.

Archos A28IT gen8 4GB: (2.8 inch screen) Also running Archos 2.4.83 firmware (Android 2.2.1 Froyo) but not rooted. Rockbox version is Rasher's 240x320 build of 20th March 2014. Everything works fine. For a theme I use grayfog from http://themes.rockbox.org/index.php?allthemes (I use the same theme on my Fuze+), again modified for metadata display of comment and composer fields. The controls are very good, with volume up and down being mapped to top and bottom of screen and pause/stop mapped to the centre so you don't need dainty fingers despite the small size. It's a resistive touchscreen so you could probably even use it quite well with gloves. Like the Fuze+ The screen is big enough to make a good job of displaying cover art and info. Sound quality seems fine with the same provisos as made about the A43. The output level seems a bit lower than the A43, though I didn't do a level match or test yet. Battery life is nowhere near as good as the A43. With a small disk capacity and no microSD slot I am much more likely to be playing back files from local shares but unfortunately the battery is tiny (680 mAh) and wifi use drains the power quite a bit. Power saving is more aggressive on the A28 than the A43 and not configurable so you might even experience interruptions if playing back files on network shares. I didn't do a proper measurement yet but I would be surprised if it achieved more than 10 hours unless wifi is off. One positive point is that the device is tiny, only about 15mm longer than a credit card and the same width. It's possible to attach a very slim credit card size power pack to it and still have the benefit of a tiny device.

Both devices support pause/resume on headphone being unplugged/attached.

Both devices have excellent codec support even without Rockbox, so if you want to run MPDroid and playback streaming wav or flac from your mpd server instead of the usual ogg or mp3 then these are great, especially the A43 with its big battery. You can also do this over ssh tunnels so when away from home you can enjoy secure passwordless remote access to your home media storage (VX ConnectBot is great for this).

If you look at these as extremely versatile networking multimedia players and not full tablets then they are actually excellent. If you expect an iPad or Galaxy Tab or any kind of modern tablet you will be horribly disappointed. If you want Rockbox + benefits these are worth a look. They are old and cheap now. I bought an A43IT for quite a lot of money in 2011 when it was a new product line but clumsily broke it beyond repair. Recently I bought my current A43 boxed and as good as new complete with the AC3 plug-in and leather case on ebay for £45 and my A28 boxed and new for £25 on ebay.
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Some clever hackers from Russia have Rockbox running on iBasso DX50:

It's a custom Rockbox build to deal with issues specific to the hardware.
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google it it is on XDA devs forums


Framaroot is the way to root easiest, Simple app.

worked for me!

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Was so glad to find that RockBox works on some of my old Android phones I had lying around that were not in use. Felt it was such a shame to not use them for something. I had been looking into getting an FiiO X1 DAP, but though "why not try to use this old Android phone as a high-def media player?"  I tried PowerAmp, but when I loaded FLAC files the app would momentarily stop or stutter and that was so annoying. Then I remembered RockBox (I had tried it on a 2nd-Gen iPod Nano, and it worked OK back then, but the UI was too small to be useable IMHO).



  • LG Optimus V
  • Android 2.3.7 (CM 7)
  • Yes, rooted.
  • Other: just downloaded the .apk from Rasher's site, copied it to external microSD card and installed with the Google Package Manager with no problems - works great overall! No stuttering. Only issue is the black screen that appears if I go to the homescreen or other screen and then try to bring Rockbox back up: just get a blank screen. Only remedy is to force stop the app and restart it. This doesn't happen all the time, so not a deal breaker for me.
  • I put the large square widget on one of my home screens for easy accessibility. Also, the the firmware of Cynogenmod 7 that I'm using for this LG Optimus V has next track, prev track and play/pause controls on the lock screen.
  • Wish the graphic EQ actually worked: I find modifying sound settings with the positive and negative selections not as intuitive, but it works and that's what matters. For a free application, I'll gladly use it!
  • I am trying to figure out how to get a different theme - the default "Cabbie" theme is fine, but there doesn't seem to be much else for devices that have 320x480 screen resolution.


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It seems there is no need for these apps anymore as the player segment has evolved on its own.


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Well, I just bought a Cayin i5 and trying to install Rockbox. Although Neutron is very nice, it can't match the EQ power for a basshead like me - i'ts 24db vs 9db of raw power ;)

Only if I knew how to install it - downloaded with the player, but it won't open the apk file... Anyone has any suggestion?


EDIT. Was able to do that with Easy Installer app. Now let's see, what RB can do to this player.

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