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Love my Alessandro Ms1i but i'm thinking about upgrading. around 300 dollars to spend. Any suggestions?

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i'm not an audiophile pro  so i can't explain what i'm looking for in the exact technical terms, but i'll try.


I really love the Alessandro Ms1i performance, but i want headphones with more detail now. The Ms1is have great bass and acoustics, but i find that the vocals (mids?) are a bit recessed. i want more articulation in that area while keeping the great sound of the lows and highs the MS1is produce.


Looking for full size headphones (don't want IEM's) and i'm open to going for a closed design or open. i'll mostly be using it for home listening, and i do have an apogee duet to act as an amp.


i listen to Electronic music (more towards tycho and talkdemonic instead of dnb or techno)  
Hip Hop

alternative music (Radiohead)
Rock (Pink Floyd, Tool)
and indie rock, folk music. 


as far as the electronic music genre, i'm happy with what the ms1i does, but for everything on down, i would love to see improved detail.



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If you want clarity, there isn't any can better than Beyerdynamic DT880 in my opinion. 

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Since you like ms1i, maybe upgrade to ms2i?
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HD650. You're welcome.
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I have the DT880s, the HD650s, and the MS1s.


It sounds to me like you're looking for the detail and energy of the DT880s with the midrange power of the HD650s, and the fun factor of the grados.


I don't think you're going to find it, because if such a headphone existed, we'd all own it. Also nothing I've ever heard does midrange like a grado (note some do it objectively "better", but none with the same gusto and flavor that grados do).


From what you say, I think you may really enjoy the DT880 however. Just don't expect it to be the ultimate destination. The detail on the highs is it's traditional strong suit, and it has amazing texture on the lows (some say more texture than in real life). The DT880s really make you a part of the music. It feels like you can wrap your hands around it and feel it. It plain and simple is not as "fun" as the MS1s, even though in almost any measure it's a better headphone. I wouldn't even say it makes the music feel as alive as the HD650s. Note that I am talking in relative terms here, all 3 of these headphones are a world apart from the rank and file consumer junk you see in most retail outlets. While the midrange on the DT880s is not there with the MS1s or HD650s it's still damn good for what it is. The DT880s are that friend of yours who is always a little hyper, but is the one likely to drag you to new places and meet new people that you find that you enjoy. One thing I want to mention about the DT880s. They are very resolving, but not in a bad way. They can take a very boring, mediocrely recorded album, and make it interesting. It can dive into that muddy mess of sound and divide up the instruments for you, but never in an artificial way that you'd notice. The MS1s don't do nearly as good a job, and HD650s wouldn't dream of doing that. I don't think that's a strength that gets mentioned nearly enough.


The HD650 is a good set of cans, that has the potential to become great. The HD650s will respond to amp upgrades and source upgrades well into the future. It's almost to the point where if you are going to spend greater than $1000 on this hobby, you either currently own or have owned a pair of  HD650s, and for a good reason. That said, they are a very strong counterpart to the MS1s. If you're looking for a "grown up" MS1, then the 650s aren't it (the MSpro or RS-1 may be though). If enjoyed on their own merits though, the 650s are sweet headphones that will wrap your music around you like a warm blanket and say "get comfortable. enjoy". They are not exciting like the MS1s or the DT880s, but neither are they boring. They're engaging, they have a good story to tell and they're not going to rush it or exaggerate (although they may tell it in their own flavored speech pattern). The HD650 are a pair of worn-in quality sneakers. You're never unhappy to put them on no matter the task.


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Thank you everybody for the replies, i'll check out the dt880's and the like.

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Originally Posted by radonsg View Post

Since you like ms1i, maybe upgrade to ms2i?

+1.  I have either owned or listened to every Grado from the SR60i up through the RS2i including the MS1i and MS2i.  The MS2i still holds a really special place in my heart, I don't know why.  But I really recommend this headphone, and especially since you already have and like the MS1i ...

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If you want to upgrade Alessandros you should get some Grados wink.gif

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