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Lost left channel in my P5's and opened before sending them to be repaired (self caused issue). I couldn't find any information how to open them and after spendin a few hours looking at B&W release/ad video I understood the structure well enough to open them and see what was wrong. I located the problem to be in the element (I guess either the voice coil was bent due to drop or the magnet misaligned from pressure by the metal axle.) So I would avoid pressing the headphones too hard against the ears. The metal body looks a bit cheap imo, good thing the finish is great on the outside.


Did you ever get them fixed? I am purchasing these headphones next week and can't wait. :D

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I know this is an old thread but I can't find anything related to the problem I'm having with my P5s

  Somewhere on the earpieces their is some glue leaking, I'm not sure if it is the glue that holds the Black cloth on the metal that you see when the pads are off, or else it's glue from the pads.  Some areas of the Black cloth are saturated with this sticky mess, some areas are dry!

  It's something that started to happen a couple of years ago, I use these mostly at work so they have seen daily use, but not too rough, and I have NOT spilled anything on them!

  All I can figure is that the adhesive has failed somewhere on these creating a sticky mess, but luckily it only shows when the pads are off!  However some of the gunk has gotten on the cable where it plugs in on the left hand side.

Also nothing seems to be peeling!

  I was wondering if I should email B&W and ask, it seems I am the only one who has this problem!  I bought these the day they came out from the Apple Store!  I never have good luck with things I buy when they first hit the market, something always goes wrong!

  This is pretty much the only thing preventing me from buying the P7s

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