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For Sale or Trade: *SOLD*: ATH-W5000

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For Sale or Trade:
*SOLD*: ATH-W5000

Will Trade For: SA5000, Speakers
Will Ship To: Anywhere

Time to cull the herd a bit as I work on upgrading my speakers.




Great, great headphones. Limited editions and rare on Head Fi. In anticipation of future inquiries, I find them very similar to the AD2000s. The PRMs seem to have a little more bass presence, a little less treble, and a little less clamp than the AD2000s. The AD2000s seem to image just a tiny bit more precisely. Very slight differences at most.


This pair is in great shape. They have no nicks or scratches or chipped paint anywhere that I can find. The pads may show some very slight signs of use, but absolutely nothing significant.  I purchased them used more than a year ago and so I cannot say for sure how many hours they have on them.  I got the sense that they were probably restock items.  Personally, I may have put 50 hours on them. The box and interior packaging shows signs of use.



AD2000s *SOLD*


I bought these used a year ago but they are definitely a restock item. The shop stamped the warranty card when I purchased them. There are two small but noticeable chips on the paint covering the plastic housing. One on a post (tiny, looks like a white speck) and the other under a cup near the cable entry. Other than that, they look great. The box and inside packaging show some signs of use. I put maybe 20 hours at most on them.


Sorry for the blurry pictures in trying to capture the two marks. A little trouble with my new camera to do close-ups.  They are a lot smaller than the pictures make them out to be.



W5000s *SOLD*


I bought these used maybe six months ago and probably just used them 5 hours at best. I just do not use them enough to justify keeping them. This pair has a very nice wood grain relative to many I have seen. There is one small chip on the lower part of one cup. Everything else is in excellent condition and I can find not other marks. The flight case shows signs of use and I do not have the original cardboard box they came in.  



The prices include Paypal fees and world-wide shipping to most places. I ship using EMS Japan and they will be insured and tracked. Transit time has never been more than a week in my experience. They are all boxed up and ready to go out the door. I will ship promptly.


Trades I will consider: Sony SA-5000, High end bookshelf speakers- ProAc, Dynaudio, Decware, Ascend, etc.


If you have questions or comments, please send me a PM.

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I'll buy your AD1000prm. YGPM. Thanks.

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AD1000PRMs & AD2000s have been sold

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W5000s have been sold.

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