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Ety HF3 iphone control issue

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I just received a pair of ety hf3 iems with iphone controls and the controls do not work at all. I have a iphone 3gs (updated with the latest software) and the original stock ear bud controls still works great. Has anybody else encountered this? If there is a quick fix I could try before i send it back?


i already tried cleaning the jack, and the old stock bud controls still work fine so i know its not an issue with the iphone jack.

A quick search doesn't show a quality control issue with the hf3 so maybe i just got a bad one.


Thanks for the help.

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Contacted Headroom yesterday morning regarding the iphone 3gs control issue and i'm supposed to hear back from them (the employee said they would contact me after trying a demo hf3 with another employees iphone 3gs). Once i get a answer i'll post the response. I'll try again tomorrow morning. crossing my fingers.


So far they sound nice with a lot more clarity than the mc5 iems but the iphone control problem is a deal killer for me. If there are any alternatives at the hf3 price range and sound quality with 'working' iphone controls please let me know. ;)

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Most likely, the microphone and ground contacts on the plug are reversed relative to the Apple stock earbuds. If you like the sound of the Ety's, look for a 3.5mm TRRS-to-TRRS adapter, which should give you back your headset control. MEElectronics sells such an adapter for $10, but I'm sure you can find a cheaper one elsewhere.
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There shouldn't be any compatibility issue using the hf3 with the iPhone 3Gs (I'm using the hf3 on the 3GS as well and volume control, play/pause, skip track features function normally).  Not sure what Headroom's return/exchange policy is, but if you have any problems, contact me directly at r_carlson@etymotic.com so that we can arrange a RMA for you.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone and I'll be in touch EtyHeadRick if I am still having problems. Headroom is sending me a new unit and I'll post whether it works or not when i get it. I wish Headroom was a little better with their customer service though. I didn't get any response with my initial email and had to call twice. It was so strange. In the past they have been awesome though.


I probably just got a 'Monday' hf3. We'll see what happens when i get the new unit! normal_smile%20.gif

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I'm also having problem with Etymotic Hf3 volume control buttons with the iPhone 4, the play button is fine but the volume can't be adjusted. Any advice?

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