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I'm SO back on my er4s. After trying a bunch of excellent earphones, these persist in blowing my mind. So happy i own these. So awesome.
You said in this video that you prefer the Zero Audio Tenore over the ER4S:

Have you changed your mind?
I'll probably be making another video on the tenore and its growing number of issues. Under perfect conditions i'd probably take the tenore over the er4s. However, there are a lot of issues i, and many others, have run into over time. And the er4s just continues to sound consistent when fit right, and very transparent. The tenore is similarly transparent, but only when the tips and fit workout just right and you aren't experiencing imbalance or tonal changes. Those issues have been plaguing my listening sessions with the tenore lately.

Add to that the fact that the cable is coming apart from the housing, and they start to seem less ideal.