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I've had an ER4P for over 8 years now, and I have never regretted the purchase.  I most recently tried the Beyerdynamic DT-1350, but it sounded reletively dark and had nowhere near the clarity of the ER4P especially in fast string passages (I listen to a lot of symphonic music).  Currently, I am pairing my ER's with the TTVJ Slim portable amp and this combination adds a bit of tube like warmth.  Using the Channel D Pure Music player on my MacBook Pro yields a similar result.  Because I do not hear bass well, I slightly prefer the ER4P to the ER4S (I have the 75 OHM modification cord).


However, I do enjoy listening to classic pop (eg Simon and Garfunkel) on the DT-1350 which lends a slight "caramel" character to tonal balance and where maximum resolution between instrumental choirs is less important.


(Home rig:  Meridian 508.24, conrad-johnson premier 17-LS preamp, c-j premier 11a amp, Aerial Accoutic Model 6 speakers biwired with Nordost blue heaven cable).

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Hi, guys.


First time here and have been reading this board all day. This place is a great resource.


I bought my first ER4S 8 or 9 years ago, while living in Taiwan. Bought a second pair in Bangkok 5 years ago.


Hated the foamies, as they never fit right, and when I first got the flanges, I was too afraid to insert them deep enough.


Oddly, when I finally figured out to dampen them properly and insert until you could feel the seal, I noticed less fatigue wearing them. And obviously appreciated them all the more.


I've tried the old HeadRoom Air Head, and still have a HeadRoom Cosmic gathering dust somewhere.


Even though I'm a happy camper listening to my IPod Classic with no additional amplification, I'm still thinking I'm not getting 100% from the 4's.


I don't fly as much as I used to, so taking the Cosmic out of mothballs won't work.


Hoping to find an amp I can velcro to the IPod and use while reading, beach time ( I live in Thailand most of the year ), and maybe exercise.


Looking at the TTJV Slim ( by the way, called today, and Todd has them in stock, ready for next day shipment ). Will I notice a significant difference over the IPod direct?


I called Etymotic today, and spoke to a terrific woman named Mo, as I honestly could not remember if mine were S's or P's. Mo helped me through that embarrassing moment, and pro ceded to make some additional recommendations based on how I listen.


Did you know you can send your S's back and for $65, they will convert them to P's?


After reading this entire thread, I'm thinking that's not the answer for me, but it was great to speak with a company representative who did not try to oversell.


I still love the Etys and although I have no intention to become a can addict, my hearing is still excellent.

Do you guys think there is an appreciative difference adding a $350 TTVJ?


Also, although the flanges have worked, has anyone used the Shure Olives o the Etys? Do they fit?


Thanks in advance.


And thanks to the OP who started this thread.


One more question... most comments about Etys are positive, the negatives are usually complaints about things they were not built to do. But why are there ( seemingly ) so few here who use Etys? Is the price just out of reach?

I'm neither rich, nor poor. But these IEM's represent true value to me.


Hope all is well.


Edit: I've never understood the "lack of bass" argument. Bass should be reproduced at the same levels as mid-range and treble. The "forced air" push of bass, unfaithfully reproducing what is recorded has always made me **** ( edit : oops, I guess I should have said "turn" ) my head sideways at those who otherwise consider themselves "audiophiles".

The bass on the Etys has always seemed natural and accurate, adding to their long term listening comfort.


But, what do I know??? :)







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Shure olives are WAY better for my ears than Ety flanges or foamies, if that helps.
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I don't like what the Shure olives do with the sound, I seem to prefer Shure silicone tips if I'm after the best comfort possible. 


The TTVJ Slim is a nice portable amp with a warm and very pleasing sound, I'm sure it will work well with the ER4 though admittedly I use it straight out of my Sony A818 DAP if I'm on the road. If I were in home, I plug it straight to my desktop system for maximum orgasm. I never really like the added bulk of portable amplifiers. 


As for the popularity, this thing comes and goes at least around this forum and I can imagine some people finding the ER4 to be TOO neutral sounding for them. Even then I still prefer my Etys over the latest crop of modern triple-driver universal IEMs such as the Shure SE535 or Earsonics SM3. 



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My experience has been that the ER4P's do well without an amp.  But the ER4S adds 75 OHMs of resistance and using the TTVJ Slim improves the sound significantly.

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I have found where the ER4P improves with more power is in the bass response.  An amp with a decent bass boost can really make the ER4P sound NOT like a "bass-light" IEM.

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I'm currently using the Shure silicon tips with my ety er4p too.

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I'm too.

I think that i became a little zombie of Etymotic, i can enjoy even hip-hop with them (Wu-Tang - "Legendary Weapons", great album).

So deep and beautiful beat, great voices, good soundstage, good drive:)

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Originally Posted by anson67 View Post

I've had my ER-4P's longer than I remember, literally.  I think I bought them 8 to 10 years ago back when Creative Labs was blazing a trail in MP3 players.  Anyone recall the portable CD-player sized Nomad Jukebox (6 GB hard drive inside) and the much more portable Muvos?  I still have them.  The iPod was maybe 1st to 2nd gen then.  I don't remember too many IEMs on the market back then, if there were any at all, unlike now as anyone viewing this site can attest.


The original style cable finally went on me about 3 years ago (lasted a long time!).  Yes, it was very microphonic but I didn't care, not like I was running around with them in my ears.  Before I sent it to Etymotic for repair, I purchased a second pair of 4Ps because, well, I couldn't go a week or two without a pair!  When my original 4Ps came back, they were fitted with the latest cable (twisted pairs into the earpieces).  I gifted them to my wife so she could throw away her crappy Apple earbuds and actually enjoy her music.


The newer cable is less microphonic, but right now I'm having issues at the Y junction, so I'm going to have to send this pair back, too.  But of course, before I do, I need another pair of IEMs.  So why is my avatar a pair of Westones?  I finally decided to try something different, and used a coupon to pick up a pair of W3's at a good price.  They're not here yet, and I've never heard them before, but I sure hope I'll enjoy them as much as I have the ER-4Ps.  I'm worried the isolation and fit of the W3's won't be as good as the 4Ps but I guess we'll see.  The cable over the ear thing will certainly be new for me.  No worries, though, I'm holding on to my 4Ps after they are recabled and maybe swap between them to suit the music and mood.


Here's to Etymotic for creating the fine instrument that I've enjoyed so much over the years.

Yes most definitely DO remember the Nomad Creative as it was my first DAC paired with my Ety4p which I still own.  and like many others here, I've gone through many IEMs but now down to only these and the Westone UM3X.  Have settled on the Comply tips with the built-in filters so I'm not changing the Ety filters that much.  And awhile back Antonyfirst suggested increasing soundstage in the Ety by making a "washer" out of the stalk of triflanges and inserting them on the Ety nozzle.  Did that several years ago, have yet to remove them, and the soundstage was, in fact, increased.  Guess it provided more space between the Ety drivers and your ear canal.


Anyway, still thoroughly enjoy the etys with my genres, which are jazz, classical and opera.  O and I drive the sound with iMod and either a Portaphile or Stepdance amp



Forgot to mention: my Etys are the older version with replaceable cable--don't think the new ones offer this--and switch between stock cabling and the Apuresound cables.  Also have the P to S converter; for some music I want the Etys to be "S instead of "P" version.

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Anyone tried pairing up ER-4P with FiiO E11?


possible to give some comments or reviews?


cause, I might be getting a E11 to pair it up with my ety soon.

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I'm very curious about this too!


Originally Posted by weechuen View Post

Anyone tried pairing up ER-4P with FiiO E11?


possible to give some comments or reviews?


cause, I might be getting a E11 to pair it up with my ety soon.


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Originally Posted by imackler View Post

I'm very curious about this too!


Originally Posted by weechuen View Post

Anyone tried pairing up ER-4P with FiiO E11?


possible to give some comments or reviews?


cause, I might be getting a E11 to pair it up with my ety soon.


When I get the E11 from you, imackler, I'll let both of you know how the E11 matches with the ER-4P.  For about 3 weeks, I've been using the SoundMagic A10 with the ER-4P and I really liked the way it warmed it up some, using the bass boost.  But the A-10 started to develop problems with the headphone jack going mono -- I've sent it back to MP4 Nation for repair and then will sell the new unit with it arrives, keeping the E11.


I'm expecting the E11 to be a bit crisper sounding with the ER-4P, but able to give the ER-4P more power than the A10 could give it.  Plus 2 levels of bass boost vs. just 1 with the A10.  I've had my Fiio E5 for about 3 years now, and still going strong, so I'm pretty confident with the Fiio quality and durability.


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Originally Posted by Ishcabible View Post

Well, after almost three years, I may finally be getting an ER4! An "extreme" APS balanced version too! I'm super excited.

Did you ever get your balanced er4?


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I must admit, before the HiFiMan RE252's, whenever a sound was described as analytical, I was much too naive, and assumed the very word itself is synonymous with 'dull' or 'boring'. Since my time spent (active) here at Head-Fi, my ears have slowly transitioned from being accustomed to a warm and bass-heavy signature, to one that's much closer to neutral, or even, at times, somewhere between neutral and bright. Enter the HiFiMan series. As somewhat of a midrange enthusiast, the RE262's (my first ever HiFiMan in-ears) took me by surprise. Not too long after that, I made the leap towards the RE272's, which I was also quite fond of. As fate would have it, both the RE252 and RE262 were available through the for sale section around relatively the same time. Having heard the RE262 and RE272, I naturally followed my instinct, and paid the RE252's a visit. That's when I truly came to appreciate how raw and natural my music began to sound, without any coloration. It amazed me to hear my entire trance & progressive collection (especially my vocal trance tracks), rendered so purely and naturally. The very sound that I, at one point, considered lifeless, gave new life to my music. Oh, the irony! It was then that I felt almost compelled to give the Ety's a listen, and simply put, they had me at 'hello!'


The ER4S renders trance, progressive, EDM, and all other similar genres with impeccable detail. Between the two (RE252 and ER4S), as unique as they sound, they have no trouble coexisting in my collection. Nevertheless, next to the EX1000 and RE252, the ER4S has brought me the most enjoyable experience I've ever encountered with a set of universals. The only time I'm willing to remove the Ety's is when when I'm fast asleep. I've even forcibly set aside the EX1000 and RE252, so as to not make them jealous of the attention the ER4S is getting as of late. On top of it all, considering how long it's been since the Ety's have been around, they've exceeded my every expectation, to say the least! I will mention however, while I don't find the Ety's bass light (though I'm sure I can think of a few who may), the Zo amp is the real reason for my endless praise. Nevertheless, Zo or no Zo, as it stands, the ER4S is here to stay, and stay it shall! I don't intend to part from it either, unless I purchase a new set, for whatever reason.


In the realm of high-end universals, I've practically heard it all, and even still, I'm amazed to find that no two universals sound exactly alike! In truth, there may be very few exceptions, but they're very few indeed. As late as I came to discover them, I LOVE the Ety's, the same way I love my music! With the Zo added into the mix, that love becomes passion; and I'll leave it at that... biggrin.gif

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My ER4S's are definite keepers -- no two ways about it.   Phenomenal amped by SR71-A.   They are next on the list to run with HP P-1, which should be yet another step up the ladder.  After trying all tip options (short of custom) I have settled on the 'shrooms (Gliders).  They do need a good amp to shine, though. 

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