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For Sale: Grado SR80

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For Sale:
Grado SR80

Will Ship To: CONUS

I'm selling my beloved Grado SR80. Grado SR80...not sr80i.  These cans got me into the headphone game, but I've moved onto bigger and better things.  I bought these brand new from TTVJ in Jan of 08 after reading many reviews on this forum praising the Grados. These headphones sound great! Although many say Grados are uncomfortable, I find them to be quite nice.  I can wear them on my head for hours without discomfort.  The bowls still have the same cushiness  These grados have been slightly modded...sound dampened the drivers and removed grille cloth.  I wanted to do a recable on them before, but I moved onto different headphones.

Honestly not much use have been put to them as I have hd595 as my open cans. Comes in original pizza box, and papers.  no 1/4 adapter.

$80 Shipped CONUS w/tracking. Paypal +3% or as "gift".

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Shipping to Europe?

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I am definitely interested.  shipping to Wisconsin and how new are they?

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