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For Sale: FS: Audio-Technica ESW9 / ESW9a

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For Sale:
FS: Audio-Technica ESW9 / ESW9a

Will Ship To: CONUS

Recently acquired. I really want to like them, as they are gorgeous, but they are just not my taste. The previous buyer said he purchased them for, and I have confirmed that this set shares all its features with other genuine sets. They will come with the pouch, but no 1/8"->1/4" adapter.


Apologies for the bad pictures, the flash makes them look much more orange than they are. In reality they are a darker shade than even the first picture, a very beautiful dark reddish-orange wood.


Asking $sold shipped to CONUS, international pays extra. Send a PM if you're interested. TIA

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Bump and price drop.

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pmed !

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