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Clip+ repair of jack and volume control and replacing battery

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After six months use the headphone plug isn't tight and prone to fall out. Did anyone else notice this, and what's to be done?


[Edit February 2015, scroll down and there's instructions on how to fix the jack and the volume control and how to replace an aging battery]

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Hello MDR30,


I have no idea whats to be done, but my clip+ headphone out socket fell apart after 2 months.

No warrantee  in Aus I think.

I'm going to take a screwdriver to it when I get the chance, see if it can be cracken open and repaired.

Wish me luck!

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Took the bull by the horn since I bought the Clip+ second hand and don't have a guarantee. Found this guide for opening the player:




A pen knife and a screw driver did the job. I used some tape to mark where the latches are, so you know where to pry. I suggest you start with the side where the headphone input is.






On my player, the black plastic housing of the socket was a bit loose so I put a drop of super glue at each side of the entrance, and some hot glue on each side of the housing (small amounts so it won't block the assembly) - you can see the small transparent blob on the housing's right side.




I also tightened the spring contacts of the jack with the small screw driver. A delicate operation - be careful.




Finally I pressed the two halves of the shell together and everything clicked into place. The plug doesn't fall out now, and the intermittent contact problem is gone.



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Love your work MDR30.

Thanks for the pics.

Looks like I have no excuse now but to operate.

It is depressing watching the clip+ gather dust. 

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The problem persisted. What to do? Well, the intermittent contact problem was driving me mad (every time I zipped my jacket or moved) so I decided to open the Clip+ again. Luckily I saw the problem immediately: a loose soldering point at the socket . Can't say I was surprised - the headphone plug had most likely acted as a cantilever when I sat on the player (kept in my jeans' back pocket).


Fixed in a minute with the soldering iron. See red ring.


Sansa Clip+ soldering point.jpg


I also glued a small rubber ring between the socket and the case before I carefully assembled it again, there's no room for mistakes here. This rubber ring now keeps the headphone plug in place much better.


Sansa Clip+ playing Sony plug.jpg


I prefer angled plugs, less problematic. But right now the Clip+ and V6 with Bacharach/Costello sound mighty fine again.

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I have a Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) and I am having trouble with the input jack. I use a mini to mini cable to connect it to my PA2V2 which runs to my Pro 900. The input is really annoying. I have to jam the jack from the mini to mini cable in really tight in order to not have the left channel fall out. But the moment I move the left channel comes in and out. It is the input for sure - not the cable. I plugged other stuff into it and had the same problem. 

I am thinking about opening it up and fixing it but I have no soldering capabilities.Do I just use a small screwdriver or something? I don't think the jack is loose but I don't know. Doesn't seem to be falling out or anything. This is driving me crazy though. Any suggestions?

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Great job MDR30. I think I'm going to try the same with my ailing Clip+. Thanks for sharing.



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I am now on my second Clip+ and it is virtually unusable due to the input jack not functioning properly. The right channel falls out regularly and often there is bits of distortion or a somewhat "half connection". I am done purchasing the Clip+. 


Can anyone think of any flat frequency response DAPs?

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Originally Posted by Sonic Atrocity View Post

I am now on my second Clip+ and it is virtually unusable due to the input jack not functioning properly. The right channel falls out regularly and often there is bits of distortion or a somewhat "half connection". I am done purchasing the Clip+. 


Can anyone think of any flat frequency response DAPs?

Clip Zip.

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Originally Posted by andrewberge View Post

Clip Zip.

Input jack is probably the same.

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A couple tips:


Do not pull on the clip while pulling the shell off. I tried doing that and the clip instantly broke off.


Next, do not super glue the area where the connection is being lost with the motherboard. I tried that instead of soldering and it didn't work holding the connection, just ended up with the motherboard having super glue on it. I will probably try scraping off the glue and soldering later when I have assistance. 


I am going to buy a new Clip+, unfortunately. I have used this MP3 player, my first Clip+, since may 2010 almost every day. It has been through countless runs, workouts, bike rides, car rides, drops, pressures, button presses, charges and discharges and so on. When I get the new Clip+ I will treat it well and keep the original safe.


I have been through so many life changing experiences with this MP3 player; I truly feel like I am losing a great companion. It is just such an amazing device, and so worth the $60 I spent new on it. It is probably the best $60 I have ever and will ever spend on an electronic device. Its spirit will live on in the new Clip+


And yes, the Clip Zip has almost an identical layout inside. The audio jack socket is exactly the same and has the exact same soldering problem at the same spot. 


On the left of the socket, you see two metal spots, the upper end for the left channel, and I'm guessing the lower or the right side is for the right channel. These solders aren't permanent and with a lot of use one will eventually become loose. 


I'm guessing Sandisk does this on purpose. They know the solder won't give until after a year when the warranty is out, so you buy another one. If you look at the USB port, you will notice Sandisk attached padding to keep it in place, yet they didn't for the audio jack. 


*EDIT* I scraped off of some of the glue and used a small screw driver to try and make a solid connection at the left channel, and what do you know; the glue that is still applied keeps the contact tight but now I can hear a full, stereo sound through my headphones. I guess I won't solder at this point if this holds for me. There is probably glue I can't scrape off that would melt if I tried soldering. I super glued a very thin pad above the jack casing to keep it from being able to wiggle around, so if the glue ever wears I won't need to open up again. The pad made that corner of the shell not able to clip in and stay tight so I super glued the edge around the corner shut :P


And just for the hell of it, I tried super gluing the hell out of the broken clip and attaching the clip back onto the player. It holds well but has little flexibility. I am hoping it works for a while XD



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I had 3 Sansa Clip+ players already. 1st passed out on the 2nd month, just would not turn on. Got it replaced. The 2nd's mini-jack socket failed after over a year of everyday use - loose bottom connection (right channel). Soldered it back to the motherboard, but I guess I touched another small electrical part with the soldering iron, because the player would not turn on at all after that. Bought the 3rd player. Another year or so - failed mini-jack... This time top right connection was loose (left channel). Soldered. It was working fine for a couple of months, but then the left channel got loose again. This time from inside of the socket. Easily pried the socket out and soldered instead a piece of Sony Ericsson mobile phone headset. Glue-gunned the end of the cable and connections on the motherboard. Might look unusual, but works for me!

292  278

Does anyone know how is SanDisk Clip Zip's mini-jack socket attached to the motherboard?

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It is now April 2012 and they are still sending out the Sansa clip + with faulty headphone socket. You have to apply so much force to insert the jackplug that it triggers the on/off switch. S no need to switch on ........ a labour saving device ?  ..... don't think so !

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Lost my Clip at the beginning of April and bought a new one shortly after. The jack failed on me a week ago hahahaa. Every player does it. I am getting it soldered at Ring Audio here in Toronto. :)

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The jack on my clip is suspiciously loose too. Not much force is needed to remove the headphone jack.

I have a feeling another few months it may simply fall out on it's own. rolleyes.gif

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