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Wanted: Found: Cavalli tube buffer

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Found: Cavalli tube buffer

Willing to Offer: 200

I am creating this WTB thread just to leave a feedback for dBel84.


He sold me his proto-type tube buffer for much less than built cost, also threw in a $60 “Amperex Bugle Boy” tube from Holland for free. He also patiently answered my noob questions and packed really well for shipping. This is one of my best experiences at Headfi. I consider myself very lucky to have the opportunity to work with dBel84.

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goddamn it..that was supposed to be in my speaker rig   very_evil_smiley.gif .its a heck of a tube buffer you have there.. :)

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It is a wonderful sounding tube buffer indeed. I was told by dBel84 that it has a tube stage that is technically better than that of CTH. I am using it to feed M3 and SkyBeyer and heard good improvements. I may even buy another of these. Will you build a few more, Sachu? Or anyone else?

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glad you found what it was that you were looking for and it was a pleasure working with you too..dB

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