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For Sale or Trade: Grado HF2 [price dropped]

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€400 (EURO)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale or Trade:
Grado HF2 [price dropped]

Will Trade For: Balanced CD3000, black lehmann bcl non-pro
Will Ship To: EU

Grado HF2 #105, first owner, headphone jack upgraded to an amphenol gold plated 6.3mm. It's no longer balanced like in the pictures, I'll upload new pictures eventually.

The pads have about 1mm shaved from the top for slightly more bass, plus the inevitable softening with age. Keep in mind they are 3 year old pads so they're near the end of their life cycle. You want new pads.
I recommend trying the Ear Zonk L, they seem less deep than the Grado bowls and the edge that is in contact with your ears seems wider.

For 30€ extra, I can upgrade the jack connector to a viablue premium 3.5mm jack, shorten the cable to your desired length and include a grado branded hard-shell case for transport. I recommend this version but the cheaper one is available for those who want it.

This is the Viablue:
This is the Grado carrying case:

Shipping to EU only, shipping cost around 25€ insured and trackable & paypal fees (if any) paid by the buyer. I probably will convert it to portable and when I do, there will be no 400€ version anymore. smily_headphones1.gif
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hey! are you still there? :)

i cannot send PMs anymore it seems...(dumb 2 pm limit...)

so please email me on the address i gave you earlier, maybe make a temporary hotmail address, just to mantain privacy :)

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man please answer! i am pretty desperate about these phones!

please answer...

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content added to first post
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Still available?

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Yes, still available.
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Available again.
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PM Sent.

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Almost 2 years...Go you have patience! popcorn.gif

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Hehe, I almost sold it two times but changed my mind. Most people want it single ended though ... and by the time you have a balanced amp your're drowning in HD800's, LCD2's and the Hifiman of the week. smily_headphones1.gif
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