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For Sale: Grado HF2 (portable 3.5mm config)

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€450 (EURO)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
Grado HF2 (portable 3.5mm config)

: Balanced CD3000, black lehmann bcl non-pro
Will Ship To: EU

Grado HF2 #105, first owner. It's no longer balanced like in the pictures, I'll upload new pictures eventually.

The headphones will come with a pair of new (unused) ear zonk l pads. I upgraded the jack connector to a viablue premium 3.5mm jack, shortened the cable to 1.2m and the package includes a Grado branded hard-shell case for transport.

This is the Viablue:
This is the Grado carrying case:

Shipping to EU only, shipping cost 20-25€ insured and trackable & paypal fees (if any) paid by the buyer.
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hey! are you still there? :)

i cannot send PMs anymore it seems...(dumb 2 pm limit...)

so please email me on the address i gave you earlier, maybe make a temporary hotmail address, just to mantain privacy :)

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man please answer! i am pretty desperate about these phones!

please answer...

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content added to first post
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Still available?

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Yes, still available.
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Available again.
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PM Sent.

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Almost 2 years...Go you have patience! popcorn.gif

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Hehe, I almost sold it two times but changed my mind. Most people want it single ended though ... and by the time you have a balanced amp your're drowning in HD800's, LCD2's and the Hifiman of the week. smily_headphones1.gif
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♦ ability008 ♦ this is the second thread I've seen  you smile at. What's UP?

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