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For Sale or Trade:
Apple iPad, 64gb, UNLIMITED AT&T 3G PLAN, Camera Kit, 2 cases, ALL for one trade or sale

Will Trade For: 2010 MBP or Senn 800
Will Ship To: USA!

So i bought this kit for my mother then used it a bit myself but now i am looking to get rid of it.


The iPad itself:

It is a mint 64gb with wifi/3G. All boxes and cables are included. Has another year of Apple Care warranty on it. The iPad itself has not a single scratch on it.


The Unlimited 3G plan:

You can not get this anymore! and if you look at the bay this feature along with an ipad goes for $1200-$1500. Basically you pay $30 a month to AT&T for UNLIMITED 3G! or you can buy any iPad today and pay $25 for only 2gb of data. It is easy to transfer the unlimited plan over to the new owner. This plan is F---ing GOLDEN! seriously with Netflix alone you can eat 3gbs of data easy! This is such a good plan i rather it go to a Head-fi Member that will use the S--- out of it!


The Camera connection kit: Never used it myself but the Apple connection kit is included.


The cases: One is the Apple travel case and the other is a belkin clear rubber grip.



looking for Senn 800's or 2010 Macbook pro for trades..if i has to sell it i would be looking for something close to the regular eBay price of $1200-$1500. I am willing to work with you but don't bother low LOW balling me, I won't respond.



If you attended any past ChiUniFi then PM for a huge a insane Discount. If you are a contributor to Head-Fi i will also give you a Discount.

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