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Originally Posted by leeperry View Post


Depends what you're EQ'ing, your ear resonances or the native FR of your headphones? Ideally you want to use headphones w/ the flatest FR to boot:


Only if your recording is binaural. If not, then you'll have an improper sound as the baffle effect of your head and pitena will be absent from what you experience.


the problem is that most EQ's rape the phase coherence.


Phase coherence is irrelevant (within the context being discussed here), per Floyd Toole's research.

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Originally Posted by Krav View Post

The procedure in the first link makes a lot of sense, this is similar to what I do. The procedure in the second doesn't.


The first procedure equalizes away both headphones' and listener's frequency response curve peaks and valleys. Which makes the music sound very lifelike, or, to be more precise, it makes it sound like it would sound to an average healthy 20-year old.


The second procedure just makes headphones sound like monitors. If an individual in question has hearing characteristics significantly different from the "youthful average", that won't result in lifelike sound reproduction.


The most significant issue, in my opinion, is that effective frequency response curve of an individual's hearing system changes (most often deteriorates) with age. Listening to music without EQ is about as smart for such individuals as trying to read without glasses/lenses for people with deteriorated vision.  


Good news, on the other hand, is that one can effectively go back to his/her youth and enjoy music fully once more after one employs a quality EQ.  

Yeah, I've never been too lucky w/ Mr Griesinger's tutorial, but hey he's the god of DSP.....he has a lot of good points, and we all hear differently so I just linked it for reference purposes.


Yup, Piccolo's tutorial is awesome...it definitely has taught me a lot. A good EQ goes a long way for headphones use, as much as a sloppy one ruins the SQ completely.


Luckily, headphones always whine in the trebles(even if it's not by much, as my fully damped ortho only requires -1.5dB at 6400/9700Hz), so we can counter-balance the trebles response until we get older...then we'll need to increase it I guess ^^


BTW, an interesting related thread: http://www.stevehoffman.tv/forums/showthread.php?t=232731


And the brain FR slightly drifts overtime IME, so good luck w/ that.

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