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AKG K 271 with an Ipod

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Hey guys I was wondering about the AKG 271/ 272 and how well it did with an ipod I do not have a portable amp just one for my desktop computer/tv. I am very interested in purchasing some however I'm getting mixed reviews on how well it does without in amp on something like an Ipod



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If you want them to sound ok with your ipod as source, you will have to turn the volume more than half. 

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I don't mind doing that! I don't like putting music very loud anyway so it should be okay for me but quality wise is it still very good?

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you should be just fine.

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Amplification is not about volume deadhorse.gif- it is about providing enough current/amperes to move the speaker with adequate force to match the sound signal/waveform.  The largest distance traveled by the speaker is in the bass (1/f), which is what drops off when a headphone does not have enough driving current.  K271 require gobs of current, and in my experience, they lose what little bass they have played out an ipod and portable amplifiers.


Check out Saint Panda's detailed review/comparison of 15 closed headphones, where K271 are among the ones with with the greatest ("manditory") need for amp.


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Shouldn't be a problem at all.  To me, the iPod and my desktop amp sound exactly the same with those headphones (unlike other headphones).  I didn't have a problem with getting them more then loud enough.  My iPod can drive them to a level that is to loud for most tracks, even in a moderately noisy area.  I guess it depends on your iPod, on how loud it can go.

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Thanks guys What other akg's are easier to power?!?

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