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For Sale: Stax O2 SR-007A

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For Sale:
Stax O2 SR-007A

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is an IC for my brand-new set of SR-00A. Silver.

Bought them directly from Japan a couple months ago. Haven't plugged in any amp yet.

I'm being offered by my friend a NOS set of MKI which I feel really tempted.


Bought for ~$2,450 so you have an idea for the price. I'm not looking exactly what I paid but offers should be approximately that figure.

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Edited by Lil' Knight - 2/22/11 at 4:00pm
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Dear Lil' Knight,

    I don't know much but I would like to know : is it O2 mkI or O2 mkII or SR Omega?

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Now you can not get  new Omega or Omega II MKI


His one is Omega II MKII (SR-007A)

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