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^That was always my issue with Beyer DT-880's.

It's a technically superb headphone, but is fatiguing, and not quite as refined as the top end, open back AKG's.

Still an incredible headphone compared to 99% of everything else.

I felt the same way about the DT 880 when I heard it. Fatigue is why I avoid most Beyers. What is interesting is that I found the closed DT 150 sounds better than the DT 880 and is one of the only Beyers that don't fatigue me. I think AKGs are more refined as well. 

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Just got my HD600s after years with the 558s. I am using these with my Aune T1, and I will need to get used to them and experiment with the best settings. I feel like a kid on Christmas. I have only been listening for 20 minutes. I will report as my experience continues. Glad to join the group!
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I was bored so I've been doing some experimenting with dampening on the HD 600. I put some AKG K240 foam behind the drivers on the grills. The results are interesting. They became even smoother and soundstage depth improved dramatically.

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