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how would the hd600 sound with the fiio e7+9?

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E7/E9 at low gain... It is great! They sound better than a 200 dollar combo should sound :)

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The Schiit Asgard does an amazing job driving the SennHD600's and is in your price range as well. Really, really great solid state amp that keeps the sound signature of the HD600's alive while giving it that added sense of power and effortlessness. These two pieces pair up so well. The build quality of the Asgard is top notch as well and comes with a 5-year warranty.

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Under $250 - whoa - that's a tricky one...

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I can't comment on the other options but the E7/E9 is great for the HD600's.

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Got my HD600s in and I'm very satisfied. Running them through E7/E9 combo, and I'm happy. Female vocals are way up front, and I'm loving it. Classical is fine, not really hearing a big difference between the 600s and the modded 555s in terms of soundstage though.


Have a quick question though, how do DT880s (600 ohm) compare to the 600s? 

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dt880s will have brighter (piercing) highs and have a more recessed midrange although their bass is tighter on the right amp. I can't listen to music on the dt880s for a long time because they get too fatiguing for me.

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I see. Thanks for the response. Another question, what effect does high gain have on the 600s?

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The high gain adds an upper midrange glare to all headphones IMO. It might seem like it sounds more exciting at first but I like the sound of the more uncolored low gain setting. The combo just sounds like a more expensive amp to me at low gain.

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Holy SHIATZ! i just got my hd 600s and i'm listening thru my macbook pro and a cmoybb. yeap a cmoybb! and it sounds so great already without any burn in time. can't wait to get my hands on some desktop amp and more burn in time. woooo!!

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I have heard about the hd600s sounding good with some cmoys :)

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I don't find HD600's sounding good with mid-fi equipment, not to mention low-fi.


These phones are even more amp freaky phones than our DT880's.


There is a problem getting volume out of 600ohm DT880's, but once's it's reached, these phones perform great. This doesn't refer to HD600's at all. My sens sound different from each and every source I plug them in. On low-mid-fi amps, DT880's are a clear winner on pretty everything (but comfort and soundstage accuracy). You'll need at least an AMB M3 to make my HD600 sound as big as DT880's, and even outperform them on vocal music. I own the older HD600's. May be the new one are less problematic, but the one I own indeed are .


dt880s will have brighter (piercing) highs 


"Piercing" isn't the most accurate description for DT880's . IT is for DT990's , not with DT880's. "Sparky" is a better definition.  

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The e7/e9 is pretty ridiculous for the price though. I mean they drive the hd600 better than the Gilmore Lite with DPS which costed around 600 bucks when they were available

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this is my first posting after lurking here for months. just recieved my hd 600 after doing tons of reading here and i must say that after 10 to 15 differrent headphone these are the best ive owned and they really sinc well with my antique sound labs mk111. thanks everybody for the great site and all the info that is available here

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I really want to know how these sound with the Bijou amp. 

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