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Have a look at this, will explain a few things



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Diaboliqu3, as someone said, I owned them at different times. I kept thinking the HD650s couldn't be that much worse than the HD600s, and I must have just not given them a fair chance. But each time my initial impressions were confirmed.

I keep one pair of HD600s at work, and one pair at home.

In any case, you won't regret the HD600s. They are the cheapest pair of headphones that are worthy of the Summit-Fi label (if properly amped). Not hi-Fi, but summit-Fi. They outperform many $1,000 headphones (again, if properly amped). Also, if you like clarity, the HD600s are definitely the right choice over the HD650s, and they will be a big step up from the DT770s.
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I'll personally go with the HD580. It is the same sound, cheaper, and imo looks better after you swap the grills.




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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post

I'll personally go with the HD580. It is the same sound, cheaper, and imo looks better after you swap the grills.



Not nitpicking, but isn't the HD580 Jubilee edition the same sound as the HD600 but the 580 is not?

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I'll wait for someone more experienced to comment on that :D

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Originally Posted by imackler View Post

Not nitpicking, but isn't the HD580 Jubilee edition the same sound as the HD600 but the 580 is not?


I thought that too.

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Never heard of the Jubilee edition. To my knowledge, the HD580 and HD600 drivers are the same. The only change was the frame/housing. Check Tyll's comparison of HD580/HD600/HD650 on Inner Fidelity. The answer should be in there somewhere.
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Originally Posted by diaBoliQu3 View Post

What dark sound? I read head-fi terminology but I can't get it.:etysmile: Sensitive for treble question, I love bright sound and clarity.


BTW, how is the finishing for HD600? Is it glossy paint, or they have rubberized finish? I seriously hate rubberized finished.

Dark means less treble, so if you like bright sound and clarity then you'd want the HD600, not the HD650. They don't have much emphasis at 10k compared to most other "neutral" headphones but the treble extends very high up. The finish is glossy, not rubberized.

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Originally Posted by amcananey View Post

This is what I was referring to: http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/very-important-sennheiser-hd-580-hd-600-and-hd-650


Both state basically the same thing as imackler stated.

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Originally Posted by Suguru103 View Post

Hi guys, i plan on purchasing a HD600 within the coming weeks, but i have a couple of questions...


So i have an E7K and i plan on pairing it with an E9K... but will the dac in the E7K be the bottleneck? Should i pair the E9K with another dac and get rid of the E7K?


Where does one find a god price on a HD600? I have found a $330 one used on ebay, which is not great. I also found one for $295.. but the seller is based in Hong Kong and i feel iffy about it. Where did you guys find yours?


I can actually get an HD580 with HD650 grilss and cable for $220... should i just go that route?


And finally, which song/songs do you guys use when you want to showcase the awesomeness of the HD600 to somebody who hasn't heard hi-fi headphones? I have an HD558 and put a Flac version of Ticket to Ride from the Carpenters, which sounds good.. but the person just said there was a hiss. -.-


Thanks for even reading all that if you did, but i figured if someone was going to help me with this conundrum, it would be the laid back( :D ) guys from the HD600 army. 




That's a tough one because it sounds great with such a variety of music, the only music where i personally don't think it sounds that great with is music that i feel is more natural with a rougher, grimier, harsher edge to it, such as gangsta rap, and the heavier metals like thrash, etc.


To my ears it specifically stands out with guitars and softer, ethereal... airy vocals.

Harmonies are sublime, softer male & female vocal harmonies together especially send chills down my spine... really good with dream pop/shoegazer (although it does seem to clean up some of the harsher shoegazer distortions a bit which might not be to everyone's tastes, it works for me most of the time but misses on occasion)


Going through a folder with some of my favorites, songs that i thought stood out were...


"Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars" (definitely this if only can do a few) & "Run"

"Bjork - All is Full of Love"

"Monster Movie - Crash Landing" & "Waiting" & "Chances are High"

"Sugar Ray - Spinning Away"

"Slowdive - Slowdive" & "Avalyn l" & "Avalyn ll" (most slowdive/monster movie songs really or similar music).

"Alex Cornish - I'm on the Right Side" (really like how the bass sounds on this song, it's constant but not in your face just underneath everything)

"Arcade Fire - Wake up" (the choruses/harmonies especially)

"Bic Runga - Sway" (this is like wO,Ow floating slowly through the clouds above, this is definitely one of the ones i'd pick, not taking away from the others but this really grabs hold)

"Berlin - Take My Breath Away" (dat vocal! droooooool! and memories of top gun :P for an 80s example.. instruments are kind of blah cheesy 80s synth... but da vocals, dem vocals)

"Better than Ezra - One More Murder" (hard not to get the head bobbing or swaying back and forth with this one)

"Bill Withers - Ain't no Sunshine" (powerful, hits deep).

"Buffalo Sanchez - By Your Side" (bliss!!! chill)

"Clement and Murray - Anything" (listening to this with bic runga's sway is blissful heaven back to back)

"Craig Armstrong - Escape" (epic!!! only like 1min29sec but this might be the one if you have to choose just 1)

"Dexter's Blood Theme" by Daniel Licht, the theme for dexter in the tv series (eerie, hauntingly beautiful.. there's a few variations).

"Elvis Costello - I Want You"

"Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes" (i mean cmon, who doesn't love 'say anything' when john cusack holds up the boombox.. sounds fantastic also).

"Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise" (phil collins, enough said).

"Julee Cruise - Into the night" (a personal favorite, i don't think i could live without julee cruise in my life.. she's my avatar afterall)


any guitar work by Keith Canisius or Robin Guthrie.


i'll stop there cuz i could go on awhile, if the person isn't blown away by at least a few of those then sorry but that person doesn't love music, there's no way. NO FREAKING WAY!. :P  :D :D


As where to buy it from i also recommend razordogaudio, got mine from them for $325 or so which is a good price on them, i'd worry about getting the headphones and pairing it with a decent amp before anything else and build from there.. but that's me.

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I remember reading in the past that a number of people liked the HD600 with the Audioengine D1. I have the D1 and am considering purchasing the HD600's. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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That's my current setup- I enjoy it very much! However, only thing I have to compare it to is the ­µDac2 (not bad either). They are fairly easy to drive, though not as easy as my V-moda M-80s or my M50s.

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Easy to drive is not how one usually describes the 600s
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