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As those that have worn the HD-600's will know, they are extremely light, however, although my SR-009's are a lot heavier than my HD-600's, since putting on the new headband I've done for the 009's, I find them to be as comfortable if not more comfortable as the HD-600's.
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If a = b ... 180lbs. biggrin.gif YFMV. tongue.gif
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Funny how relative comfort can be : after a year of daily HD25 wear (with glasses), the HD600 felt positively luxurious !

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Originally Posted by Delirious Lab View Post

How much does your father weigh???

If it's the LCD-2 about 140 pounds.


Terrible typo is terrible. Tempted to just leave it in for the comedy aspect. 

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I think this is appropriate to post here:


If anyone in the US is interested in a HD650 instead of a HD600, I'm interested in a HD600. Would be looking for some cash to balance out the trade... My HD650 is a couple months old from an authorized dealer and only used a handful of times. Comes with box and accessories. Send me a pm if interested. Looking for a minty HD600 from auth dealer. 

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What made you want to change to the 600s?
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Originally Posted by Tuco1965 View Post

What made you want to change to the 600s?


I feel its easier to get more out of the HD600 w/ limited amping. I actually have a HD600 at the office and the HD650 is at home. Both are amped by a E09K. The HD600 is fantastic with that combo...the HD650...meh, not so much. So its either invest in more for a better amp for the HD650 or get another HD600, which actually does quite nicely on a budget amp. The variety of having both is nice but I like the clarity of the HD600 and the thinner bass more. Though, when I am listening to more pop/rock, the HD650's warmer, thicker bass can be fun. 

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I'm amping my 600s with a Lyr and loving it.  I have run them off of a Cmoy also with decent results too.

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As far as I am concerned, the HD600 + Trafomatic Head One is end game for me.

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Originally Posted by hodgjy View Post

As far as I am concerned, the HD600 + Trafomatic Head One is end game for me.

How much does it cost? 

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More than I can afford if purchased new.  I got the deal of the century here in the for sale forum from member Skylab.  You can find them occasionally in the used section here or on Audiogon for $700-1000.


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How much does it cost? 

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I've been lurking for a while, thought i`d finally take the plunge and talk about my HD600 experience so far.


A couple of months back i purchased the HRT Microstreamer (highly recommended), and wanted a high quality over-ear headphone to pair with it. I was using AKG K450 previously so any cans were going to be a massive upgrade for me. The Momentums were front runners for a while, but my larger than average ears might have caused a problem. I went back and forth before settling on the Q701s. I was ready to order that day when i stumbled across this thread, and needless to say i am now the proud owner of the HD600s bigsmile_face.gif


I can`t say anything about these wonderful headphones which hasn`t been said already. The bass is tight and accurate, the mids are clear and detailed, and the treble is open and airy. They are also supremely comfortable, i can wear them for hours and hours without problems.


Having said all that, i feel that the Microstreamer's headphone output doesn't do them justice. When compared with the headphone output of my old Cambridge Audio 640A, the Microstreamer doesn't seem to drive the HD600s sufficiently. There's a lack of dynamics, and the soundstage is a bit flat.


Luckily enough, i just picked up a Graham Slee Solo Ultra-Linear Diamond Edition on eBay for £415 (£614 RRP), only 2 months old and in mint condition. It hasn`t arrived yet but i`ll be sure to report back when it does. With that on its way, i thought it would be rude not to invest in a Cardas replacement cable. Managed to find a brand new 3m cable for £169 (£225 RRP)


Im now in for £864 since stumbling across this thread! My ears thank you all. My girlfriend on the other hand.....

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Welcome to the club and sorry about your wallet (and girlfriend). biggrin.gif


Let us know how the Graham Slee Solo sounds.

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The Audio-gd SA-31 also sounds amazing with the HD600s (I discovered this by accident - I originally bought it for my HE-500s, but have found that it sounds better with the Sennheisers...).
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Thought I'd share my thoughts now that I've had this set for about 2 months now. This headphone really bring out the best in guitars. It's truly amazing, almost indescribable. It's like when you try fruit from outside of the US and it tastes more like that fruit. This is difficult to describe but the instrument sounds like it has more of a personality. Drums can get lost sometimes, particularly in the low end which is the only flaw I have with the phones. The reason I decided on the HD 600s was because I wanted a something I could fall in love with. When I first listened to them there was really nothing about them that wowed me like the DT880s, the AKG 701s, the DT 990s, Grado 225s etc. But as I listened to some of the other headphones some more I realized that not all of my music was listenable through the other cans. Many times the highs were just too sharp on some tracks. The HD600 seemed to handle those notes gracefully. While it is noticeable on them, I would no say that it bothers me. If I could described these in one word it would be romantic. 

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