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Originally Posted by Manyom7 View Post

Aren't you afraid you'll damage the drivers?

Not at all, every thing is kind of sunken down, so if they got dropped it would be hitting the blue plastic on the outside not any of the "carbon fiber" that covers the driver.  I guess it depends on where you use them: if some one throws a foot ball at me as hard as they can and it hits dead center then yeah the driver would probably be totaled but that will never happen where I use them  :D

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ive allways loved the 600 for how they work well with warm sounding amps the 650 are very much like this also

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Originally Posted by Brooko View Post


I'll respect your opinion too - but lets agree to disagree.  Unless your Mobo has some form of dsp built-in, from my experience you will not get as accurate cues as you can from an add-on card with those cues.  Quick question - have you actually tried (so you can compare) either Dolby hph or CMSS3D?


Perhaps (if you were interested) also discuss in NamelessFPG's thread (Chris is far more knowledgeable than I) - http://www.head-fi.org/t/593050/the-nameless-guide-to-pc-gaming-audio-with-binaural-headphone-surround-sound.


Anyway - each to his own.  I know the difference I heard - and have no regrets going to a proper dsp enabled card.


Hey Brooko.


I've tried a lot of surround sound features over the years but not for a while and I don't know if I've tried Dolby hph or CMSS3D specifically. That's interesting and I'll have to look into them and maybe have a chat with NamelessFPG. I'm not arguing that a hardware/software combo can't produce accurate 3D audio placement but make no mistake, the hardware is not strictly a requirement from a technical standpoint. These features are as much about marketing as they are about technology. Every sound and cue your headphones make when these features are enabled is possible without the hardware so long as a game's audio has been properly designed for headphones. The sound of a gunshot firing 10 meters due south is just that-- a sound. A properly programmed game combined with *any* competent sound reproduction device can reproduce that sound perfectly.


That said, I completely trust your statement that in your experience, with your games, 3D placement has been inadequate without these hardware features. I'm merely pointing out that when all is said and done this is really just an unfortunate reality of some games. The exact same audio experience could have been accomplished without requiring branded technologies and in my opinion, the whole video games industry would be better off to program accurate 3D audio placement into all games and not require hardware-supported features. That's all I was trying to point out, and that I've never personally had trouble placing sound queues accurately in my games without any hardware based features enabled.


But lets agree to disagree. Thanks for your input. Let's get back to enjoying our music and games now. :)

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Agree smile.gif.  Just as a follow up - while I got cues left and right, front and back without the add on card, it was the enhancement of left rear / right rear etc (ie the different angles) for me that became a lot clearer.


The nice thing with the add-on cards is that if you have an external dac you can still get the dsps via spdif.  So I always have my NFB-12 connected to the X-Fi via optical - and that gives me the dsps for gaming, but for music i can bypass them for the cleanest signal.


Anyway - I'll have to try the grills off with the HD600 - but I imagine I'll probably still stick with the K701 for most of my gaming.  The soundstage is pretty good.

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Yeah back to the question of gaming with the HD600-- the reason taking off the grills is a good thing to try is because it supposedly widens the soundstage. The stock HD600 doesn't have a very wide soundstage but I'd say its adequate for gaming. If anyone is looking for a gaming-only headphone, the Audio Technica AD700 supposedly has an enormous soundstage but it won't do very good with music because it has almost no bass.

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As much as I love listening to the HD600 with a really clean, neutral DAC & amp (i.e. the ODAC & O2).. the sheer musicality & euphonic sound of running it through a nice tube is where it's at.


For those looking for an impressive (and quite affordable) tube that pairs exceedingly well with the HD600, check out the Zaerix 6DJ8/7DJ8 (I purchased my tube from this vendor.. safe, fast shipping & genuine quality).  I've had it in my TubeDAC-11 for the past month (so the tube's been burned in plenty.. well over 100 hours now) and it continually impresses.


Bass is tight, extended, & effortless.  The punch has a soft, round, deep quality that's smooth & airy.  The midbass presence is just right, IMO.. and stays completely free of the (gorgeous) midrange.  It's perfectly suited to the HD600's (native) lower frequency tuning.  Listening to soulful house, it's like a gentle massage for your ears & brain tongue_smile.gif.


This tube's midrange is the showstealer, folks.  It possesses the perfect balance of coloration & neutrality for my tastes.  Get ready for more superlatives.. it's wonderfully liquid, dynamic, smooth, airy, and detailed.  It accentuates all the things the HD600's wonderful midrange is renowned for.. while providing more body to notes, and just the right amount of lushness.  This is what listening to the HD600 is all about, IMO.


Treble is smooth, crisp, airy, & utterly effortless.  It's able to sound quite detailed yet non-fatiguing.  You'll get more treble presence with this tube than you would from the HD600 through a typical neutral, solid state amp... but it won't sound harsh, sharp, or unnaturally boosted.  It's very clean and smooth.. and has the right balance with the rest of the tuning.  Excellent depth, sparkle, and dimensionality with this tube, too.


The soundstage and imaging is quite impressive, as well.  The HD600 doesn't have the widest soundstage despite being an open phone.. but this tube definitely gives it a more spacious, open feel.  Again, there's great synergy with the HD600's native soundstage presentation.  It's well proportioned between depth & width & enjoys a very silent, black background, so imaging & clarity is excellent.


The 7DJ8 has such an inviting sound quality to it.. and it is very diverse in terms of compatibility with various genres.  Rock music will sound great as the hint of warmth and 'wet' lushness accentuates distortion guitars, drums, and vocals perfectly.  It sounds just as good with soul, jazz, vocal/singer/songwriter stuff, electronica, acoustic, and hip hop.. this goes back to the tube's complex, delicate coloration that sounds oh so natural.. but doesn't impose itself too strongly on the music.


As I said before, I've had this tube for well over a month & look forward to using it with the HD600 at every given chance.  When I'm at my desk, the TubeDAC-11's solid state ouptut has gotten little use as I remain completely enamored with how immersive the HD600 sounds with the 7DJ8.  For $20, I'm amazed at the resolution & overall quality of sound it delivers.  Highly recommended!

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Well i am a bass head will it satisfy me???

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Originally Posted by headphonemania7 View Post

Well i am a bass head will it satisfy me???


It might but I think there are better options out there

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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post


It might but I think there are better options out there

Can u name me some ......... please tell me which one is better Audio Technica ws55 or Audio Technica ATH-M50??

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Originally Posted by headphonemania7 View Post

Can u name me some ......... please tell me which one is better Audio Technica ws55 or Audio Technica ATH-M50??


You should pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, settle in, and start reading some headphone reviews. smile.gif

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Originally Posted by headphonemania7 View Post

Can u name me some ......... please tell me which one is better Audio Technica ws55 or Audio Technica ATH-M50??


Start with a firm budget, yes a FIRM budget. That's my only piece of advice...


Ultraone and Denon are very typical bass orientated headphones; a bit like Beats to the crowd, they are the equivalent brands for headphone enthusiasts/audiophiles.

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I think if you're interested in the HD600 but you're somewhat of a basshead then it would make sense to look into the HD650.


But I agree with palmfish, it sounds like you just need to dive in and read a bunch of reviews on the cans you're most interested in. Don't worry, sometimes that's the funnest part. :)

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Originally Posted by headphonemania7 View Post

Well i am a bass head will it satisfy me???

my Denon's own the Sennheiser lineup when it comes to bass :)

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Hello everyone, I wanted to get your opinions on my setup.  Right now I am using the 600s with a Nuforce HDP.  It sounds great but I feel like they still have more to give.  Where would you go with this setup?  For an idea of budget I don't want to spend more than about 700, any more than that and I might as well get those He-500s I've been eyeing wink_face.gif

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My HD600 + V-DAC II + Asgard is pretty tough to beat. The Asgard is honestly about 90% the amp my Trafomatic is.
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