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For Sale: Woo Audio WA6SE (Stock) For Sale!

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For Sale:
Woo Audio WA6SE (Stock) For Sale!

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have a Woo Audio WA6SE headphone amplifier for sale, along with an assortment of tubes.  I am selling this to hopefully obtain funds for an upgrade to a WA22 or WA5LE.  Following are the details:


The amp is black, and is stock; it does not have the premium parts upgrades.  The amp was purchased new directly from Woo Audio in February of 2010, so it is about 1 year old.  It was sent back last summer to have the modifications done so that it could use the higher gain tubes, such as the 6FD7, etc.  


It has been run for probably 300-400 hours, in a very clean, smoke free home.  I live alone, so there are no kids or pets to threaten the cosmetic condition of the amp.  The black model is somewhat susceptible to dust, as you will see in the photos, but there are no scratches, dents or other marks; it is in absolutely mint condition.


The amp will come with the power umbilical connector, of course, but does not include an AC power cord or RCA interconnects. Following is a list of working tubes that will be included with your purchase:


6EW7 Drive/Power Tubes:                                               

         Sylvania 6EW7 fat bottle clear top:        2 pair                     

         RCA 6EW7 fat bottle chrome top:          4 pair                      

         Raytheon 6EW7 fat bottle clear top:       2 pair

         RCA 6EW7 skinny bottle clear top:        2 pair

         Pinnacle 6EW7 skinny bottle clear top:  1 pair



         Sophia Princess 274B mesh plate (1)

         RCA 5A54A (original rectifier that came with the amp) (1)


The amp, power supply and power umbilical cable will be shipped in the original box and foam packing; the assortment of tubes will be carefully packed and shipped separately.


As stated above, the amp is in mint condition, and is available right now.  Here is your chance to get a Woo tube amp without having to wait 1-2 months for a new one to be built for you. The cost of a new stock WA6SE is $1050.00, and the value of the assortment of tubes I am including is approximately $250.00.  I am asking $999.00 for everything, which will include free insured shipping anywhere in CONUS.  (I can only ship this within CONUS.)


I have not sold many items on Head-Fi, but you can view my excellent Ebay feedback rating HERE.


Please PM me if you have any questions, or are interested in purchasing this great amp. 

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This amplifier is SOLD.

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that was fast!!

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Yes--thanks to the Woo reputation, I guess.  Less than 2 hours!

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It's a good amp, plus it holds it's value really well.

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