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Northern Virginia/DC Meet: February 20th - Page 2

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I'd like to hear the LCD2. I can bring my Lambdas
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So I was afraid one conference room wouldn't be enough for all of us and our equipment.  I reserved another room just in case, however it's only available from 1 to 3 pm.  Now we have one room from 1 to 5 pm, and one more from 1 to 3 pm.

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Invasion of the headphones? I think so. 


People who have a ** next to your name, please confirm as soon as possible so I can cap the number of attendees.


Also, what budget headphone should I get for the meet?!

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You should save it young one ;p

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Argh, I know. I will sell it afterwards. I will just feel foolish if I bring my Asgard and nothing to plug into it. I will have my SM3's but they don't improve with the amp; they will just be plugged into my uDac. 

I hope to God my laptop gets faster between now and then. XD


Also, should I "bring" my whole library on my laptop to the meet? All my music is on my desktop at the moment. 

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I mean I am interested in trying the asgard.  There is nothing stopping someone from plugging their own headphones into the asgard, so even if you don't have a usable headphone with them it is not worthless to bring.  Pretty much all my headphones will plug into nearly any standard single ended or balanced type of plug, it's not like people can only use a headphone with the gear it was brought with.


Gotta be honest that I am not all that interested in any headphone under $200... I still think you should save your money.


I only request that everyone has showered / washed their hair within 24 hours of the meet ;p.

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Clean ears would be a plus since I am bringing my SM3's. BE READY FOR INSPECTION.


I was thinking we should do name tags like the did in the NJ meet. It seems like a good idea since it looks like we are going to have quite a few people. 

Also, what about light refreshments? We can't just sit around for four hours with no food or beverage!


Don't be concerned about my money, I have mine in silver. I bought some more today, a 1988 Eagle. 

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Alex, could you also add Conference Room 214 to the venue info?...We can only use it from 1 to 3 pm.

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I'm tentative but if I can make it I'll have the following...


Grado SR325i modded

AKG K701

Little Dot 1+ with GB-408A tubes



If it arrives in time:


Fischer Audio FA-002w


Not much but it's something to add I guess.

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So many maybes...

I will add you to the list.




I may be getting a pair of HF-1's in time for the meet. YES!

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ok, put me down as definite then.


now wouldn't that be great?!  I was told mid-feb to get my grado's back but based on observations I'm adding a few months to that.  I was surprised that with $40 in shipping it still took them a week to travel the <500 miles to Canada,


I expect to have the MAD withing 3 weeks so I'll probably get it right after the meet.


A&H, you already have your modded grado's?  Is that V1 or V2 then because I thought you were still waiting to have yours done?  Hope to get to hear them.


Sounds like a bunch of awesome cans showing up - hopefully there will be enough sources to listen to them.

Originally Posted by mralexosborn View Post

Definite answers would be nice but I'll put the three of you as a maybe. 


How long do you think it will take to get the Grado and the MAD? The meet IS two weeks from now. 

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I can make it. If wanted I can bring..... LCD2's, APuresound modded AKG340's , HF2's , Ultrasone  2500's, Ultrasone 780's, Vintage Akai SAE 40 orthos damped by dBel  (nice sound) Bijou Tube Amp made by dBel84 (Don)  Matrix M-Stage and last but not least another Eastern Electric Mini Max DAC with various tubes that I enjoy.


Can't wait should be cool. Me and the wife are going to grab hotel the night before....Hell maybe the next night too.....


Sounds like a fun time. Anybody want to do dinner after words?


As for the spair Asgard in atendance I can't wait to try it with various cans.





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I would definitely want to hear the Bijou and the HF2. As for dinner, I don't know, it may be a good idea depending on what's around there. I will go ahead and put you on the list. 


Around 20 headphones in attendance...let's hope there is ample room. 

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I will be there.   I will be bringing Denon AHD5000, Sennheiser HD580, Sennheiser MX980, and AT M-50.   They will be connected to a Peachtree Audio Nova.

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