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Northern Virginia/DC Meet: February 20th

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It is official. Thanks to my PM happy self and vherr actually setting up the venue we are having a meet!


Venue: City of Fairfax Library (10360 North Street, Fairfax, VA), Conference Room 103 (1-5pm) and 214 (1-3pm)

Date: Sunday, February 20th

Time: 1pm-5pm


Head-Fi'ers to be in attendance*:

















Gear to be in attendance*:


Audez'e LCD-2
Stax Lambda Normal Bias
AKG K240 Sextett
Rethm Gaanam SET amp
Stax SRM-1 / MK 2
JKenny Modified HiFace
Eastern Electric MiniMax tube DAC



Earsonic SM3

(whatever sub $200 headphone you guys want)

Schiit Asgard




Audez'e LCD-2

Sennheiser HD650

Audio Technica M50

Sony SA5000

Balanced B22

Balanced A20

Antelope Zodiac+



Grado PS1000

Benchmark DAC1 Pre



Sennheiser HD650

Sennheiser HD280

Westone 3 (BYO tips)

Ultimate Ears UE-11

HeadAmp Pico Amp

NuForce Icon HDP



Grado SR325i modded

AKG K701

Fischer Audio FA-002w

Little Dot 1+ with GB-408A tubes




Fiio E7/E9

And a possibility of other gear



Audez'e LCD-2

APuresound modded AKG 340

Grado HF-2

Ultrasone 2500

Ultrasone 780

Bijou Tube Amp

Matrix M-Stage

Electric Mini Max DAC



Denon D5000

Sennheiser HD580

Sennheiser MX980

Audio Technica M50

Peachtree Audio Nova



Sony MDR-V900HD

Etymotic ER4-P



Alesandro MS1000i w/woody mod

Ultrasone 650 Pro

Sony MDR7506

HiFiMan Re0

Little Dot 1+

Little Dot MKII

DIY altered CMoy desktop with Opa Earth HDAM

Headroom Total Bithead




Schiit Asgard

EMU 0404 USB

Stax Lambda 

Stax SRD-7  

Realistic STA2200

Yamaha HP-1

Yamaha HP-3

Yamaha YH-100

Yamaha YHD-1

Yamaha YHE-50S

Fostex T20v2

Fostex T30

Fostex T40

MB Quart QP85

AKG K240 Sextett

AKG K260



Beyerdynamic DT-880

Grado SR-125

6T9 amp






Also Gary Gill of the Capital Audiofest may be in attendance. I have asked him if a few of us Head-Fi'ers could be apart of the Audiofest (which is comprised mostly of speakers) and he seemed enthusiastic. I thought he should attend to give him a glimpse of Head-Fi. I am hoping we can get something worked out and get a few exhibitors ourselves to the show. It is July 8-10 in Rockville, MD. If you are interested follow the link for more info.


*As of February 8th, will be updated

**Maybe, not confirmed

If you want to attend please post in this thread or PM me that you are and list your gear so I can add you and it to the list.

Last but not least, I have an Schiit Asgard but no full size can to pair it with. I have some spare funds in my Paypal ($175). I am willing to buy whatever headphone you guys want or are interested in trying out to pair with my Asgard for the meet. Let me know what you guys want. 


Update February 7th: There seems to be a lot of gear people are willing to bring, actually too much. How can we narrow it down?

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I'm interested. TBD what gear I'll bring.
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I will try to make it and bring some gear.

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I hope to be there too. 


My grado 325is's are out getting modded and my MAD hasn't shown up yet so all I have to offer is a e7/e9 which I can't imagine would excite too many poeple...

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I'd post the address too to limit confusion between the 20 fairfax county libraries.

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Definite answers would be nice but I'll put the three of you as a maybe. 


How long do you think it will take to get the Grado and the MAD? The meet IS two weeks from now. 

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I might be able to make it.  If I do I'll bring mostly vintage orthos and a few random others, unless someone requests something else.  I do have a lot of vintage headphones I can bring if anyone has anything specific they'd like to hear.

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The HP-1 and one of the Fostex's (preferably the best sounding one(s)) are the one's I am curious to hear. 


Looking at some of the gear you guys have, this meet looks promising. What sub-$200 headphone are you guy interested in hearing so I can buy it? Check the FS forum. 

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I'll bring my Benchmark DAC1 Pre and my PS1000

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It would be great if you could bring any of your Stax headphones.  I've never listened to electrostatics before.

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This is the  meeting info:


Library: City of Fairfax Regional Library

Address: 10360 North Street
                Fairfax, VA 22030-2514

Room: City of Fairfax Conference Room 103
Date: Sunday, February 20, 2011
Time: 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

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I will try and make it. If I do come I will bring the following things.


  • Pico amp
  • HD650
  • NuForce Icon HDP
  • UE-11's (not much use)


If anybody can bring a tube amp that would be great. I've never heard one before and I would like to hear how the 650's sound with one. More specifically I would like to hear a Woo Audio amp. Still, any tube amp will suffice.

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I suppose I can bring uh a LCD2, HD650, M50, SA5000, maybe an AIAIAI TMA1

Balanced b22, Balanced a20 (the cases for this will be amusing.) and uhhh hmm an Antelope Zodiac+?

Possibly a db1/pb1 and a protector maybe if anyone is interested in that crap.


Possibly an EHHA but I gotta make some new heater supplies.  I may or may not be too lazy to get this done before the 20th.

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Please do bring an LCD2, I would love to listen to it.

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I mean I'll bring it but there will probably be more than 1 ;p with mine being the 2nd already.

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