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ACS T1 2010 is Mullard xf1 in disguise !!

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I was asked by some friends to write a mini review on the new ACS T1 2010.  It would be useful for sharing it on the head-fi community. atsmile.gif


My journey on custom IEMs began in 2008 when some UE11 Pros of “dare devils” landed within my driving range. My first impression on custom IEMs was so wow !!  However, given my preferences in HD800’s and L3000’s it seemed something was still missing. IMHO, I found the UE11 Pro’s couldn’t match sound quality of full-size headphones, mainly overwhelming bass and lack of details. I clearly understood why it was made for drummers.


3c0c630a55.jpg  5ae45bda1c.jpg 29dfe3d4d4.jpg d48c137e8a.jpg


By chance, a friend of mine had kindly pointed me to the ACS T1 CIEMs (3 drivers inside silicone) which are popular in the UK.  After correspondences with Andy’s at ACS and his assurance on the T1’s sonic signature, I decided to wait for the ACS T1 2010 Edition, i.e. the T1 Gen2. 


Finally, last March, my custom T1 arrived.  It sounded so incredible, ways beyond my expectation !!  My iPod Classic 120 became a bliss music device carried with me.  The T1 offered warm-sweet mids and vocals, punchy bass and smooth highs.  Tracks in my iPod sounded so musical and enjoyable as much as I experienced from my desktop set.


If you love vocals, then the ACS T1 could make you melt. If you love classical, then you would be so surprised how the T1 reproduces the atmosphere for you.  If you love rock music, then you would nod your head along as you can *FEEL* drum sounds vibrate through the soft silicone shells !!  I was jaw-dropped when I was experiencing this the first time.


cfdcab9ee0.jpg dc3d251810.jpg  f88a22a98a.jpg 


Your low bit-rate MP3 music and poor mastering titles would sound never before, i.e. so musical.  The T1 reveals musicality hidden in your iPod as if you put an audio tube inside.  A complaint people made is about high frequency roll-off, but I find this is non-disturbing.  I personally find tonal balance of the T1 is one of the best.  I can turn music very loud but having no ear-piercing at all. The new T1 was tuned according to listening tests from various audience groups.  Maybe this is what UK people prefer.


Due to my light travel requirement, unamp setup was preferred. Given sounds produced, this T1 portable set was more than enough for me until last October.  A friend of mine came to visit me, actually to audition the Stax SRS-4040 and the SR-507.  He also carried his new toy, the WhipMOD player (from Whiplash Audio) i.e. a modded iPod


3a03f274ee.jpg 6874dbb733.jpg


Upon my curiosity, I plugged my T1 into it and played some music.  OMG, what on earth there was such a portable player !!  It sounded so clean, very detailed and really balanced.  The music sounded never before PERIOD !!  This is the only reason why I ordered a WhipMOD 120.  So, Listening is believing.


I happen to have the Thunderbolt portable amplifier (from HotAudio)  which is powerful and transparent.  The Thunderbolt can drive full-size headphones such as the AKG K701, the Ultrasone Pro 2500 and the JVX DX1000.  I also like tonal balance and transparency of my UE700 very much, but it is one of IEMs that is hard to drive.   I discovered that the UE700 can sound like UE10 Pro’s - i.e. clean, extended, detailed, accurate, fast - when connecting with the Thunderbolt. Wow !  So, drive your IEMs properly.




Music from my WhipMOD + ACS T1 combo sounds incredibly fantastic. This sonic signature is close to what played from a Mullard tube amplifier, particularly similar tonal balance, texture, and sweet mids.  If you love Mullard, then this is a portable music set of choice for you. Just close you eyes.   


Another very surprising discovery I found was from the combination of the WhipMOD and the Thunderblot.  If you love Mullard EL34 xf1, then this is the xf1 portable set for you:


WhipMOD > WhipLOD > Thunderbolt > ACS T1 2010

Simply "Portable Mullard xf1 set on earth !!"


The Thunderbolt perfectly adds the signature of the xf1 into the sonics, i.e.  cleaner, faster, more detailed, more extended (sparking high and deeper bass), tighter bass, and precise note separation.  Installing Li-Ion 9V battery as the power source reduces noise floor to the minimal level. More details are revealed.  This set goes closer to the tip of head-fier’s Everest.  With this combination, music sounds to best to my ears, like biasing the xf1 to get the best sounds.  I’ve tried both iPower and Hitech, and they are excellent.


ce048d073d.jpg a4b1e61884.jpg


Last but not least, people have questioned about silicon shell IEMs.  After one-year of my T1 experience, I don’t think I can tolerate hard-shell IEMs.  Wearing T1 is easy (by snapping) and very comfortable. On a plane or in a noisy environment, each side of the monitors seals my ear canal tightly, but without discomfort.  In a comfort seat or on a pillow, I wear my T1 listening to music and fall asleep shortly. This would explain you how comfort the T1 offers.


If you like eye-candy, then look at the T1s of my friends.


ACS T1s 29c644be9c.jpg f012101a11.jpg

8007310da4.jpg 12f8a7927d.jpg 98f1628c03.jpg


IMHO, I find that the ACS T1 doesn't match well with other portable amplifiers even the renowned XIN and M3, given flat tonal balance and transparency as I prefer.  Bass and mid-bass can be overwhelming.  However, personal preferences may vary while certain genres of music may suit these combinations.  My friend really loves his XIN SuperMacro-IV + UE11 Pro for live performance recordings.  His heart can "explode" by this set. basshead.gif


If you love Mullard, may I warn you don't try this portable "Mullard xf1" set.  My friend made a big mistake.  A ticket to the Everest was booked.  tongue.gif


Thanks for reading.  Enjoy your day and portable music !!


PS The ACS T1 also sounds superb when paired with the Hifiman HM-801 or HM-602, giving similar tones and transparency to the WhipMOD + the Thunderblot combo's, but a bit less bass and higher noise floor.  However, the 801 + the T1 combo rocks !

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ACS T1 is really good. very comfortable wearing for long hours. Sonically as you already explained. Thanks for the review. This combo is really portable xf1. gs1000.gif

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My T1s will be shipped today. You've made the wait that much easier and harder at the same time... :)

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My apology gorman. redface.gif


Don't believe my writing.  Believe in your ears.  I suggest you order the Thundebolt (with electrolytic caps, not solid caps) from Dave so that it'll be arriving at the same time. biggrin.gif Make sure you use Li-Ion battery.

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Don't worry. They arrived yesterday.


If I had to choose only one word to define them, it would be: effortless.


Also, isolation is much higher than UE-10. It might be a matter of a better fit, but I think the material used has a lot to do with it. The end result is that on the subway, with volume kept pretty low on my iPhone 3GS, there was just the music. UE-10 isolated me but this takes it to another level.


Edit: I need to change my avatar pic :)

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While I do love my T1s, I can't help but let curiosity get the better of me and wonder how they compare to the likes of the ES5 and JH16.

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Hi Everyone,


I just want to add my 2 pennies(cents) worth. I have owned the T1s for over a year now and they have to be my one of my best purchases(audio or other) to date. Straight out of a Cowon S9 with FLACs the sound is "moving" - the level of musical detail and depth and weight of the bass is staggering. I have put them through a Basso D10 and there was some improvement, but not enough to warrant my using it as part of my portable rig( I just use the D10 now for listening out of a laptop).


The minor issue I sometimes have, is inserting them. Although I have this down to a fine art now, if my ears are really clean and dry, it can be an effort to insert them. However, with a small amount of supplied lubricant(which ACS can resupply when you get low), or at a push, some salive, they slip in nicely and then completely isolate me from the outside world.

With my music off - the world is a distant murmur. With my music on (low levels) - the world disappears and I am completely immersed in my music!


If I had to save one item in an emergency, my T1s would be it (except for my wife and cats wink_face.gif)


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Nice review!

I wonder how silicone feel comfortable over than acrylic.

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Yup - the T1 is my favourite. Bass bass bass has never been so warm and enjoyable.
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Originally Posted by xxoom View Post

Nice review!

I wonder how silicone feel comfortable over than acrylic.

Considerably more comfortable. At least for me, coming from UE-10 Pro.

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Nice review, im thinking of getting these or the jh16 as well. Btw just got off the phone, they are now working on a prototype T1 that has replaceable cables, making it even more tempting.


Should be out in a couple of months they said, which is ideal for me as i might be after one by then.

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This is a great news, Huxley. Thanks.


Regarding the JH16, IMHO, it is for people who enjoy airiness and a wide sound stage.  It offers a very different listening experience, but still pleasant for musical joy.  However, the sound stage of the T1's isn't small. ksc75smile.gif


If you love the Mullard tubes, then get the ACS T1.  If you love the MarkLevinson amps, then pick the JH16 (or the JH13) .   If you can't decide, then get both.  biggrin.gif

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I'm more interested in the bass of the JH16s. The sound stage and airiness would just be a bonus.


However, at the moment I cannot justify the cost over the T1 to upgrade.

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