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For Sale or Trade:
IC: Grado HF2

Will Trade For: RS1, vintage orthos, K601, K501, speaker amp, speakers
Will Ship To: Conus

I'm considering selling or trading the HF2 I recently got in a trade. I really like it but it's not quite filling the role I was hoping it would and I'm in need of some money for college so something is going to have to give. It's a little dinged but in perfect sonic condition. I'll get some pictures up tomorrow if I can scrounge up a camera. I'm not really sure what to ask for them so send me a pm with your offer.


As for shipping I'll send them via USPS insured with delivery confirmation (unless you prefer another method) although I'll only be able to ship on the weekend due to the studying/homework mumbo-jumbo. I'd also prefer keeping these conus. Although if an international buyer wants them I don't mind filling out some customs forms provided they cover the extra shipping cost.


I'm interested in an RS1, some vintage orthos, K601, K501, speaker amps, or speakers in trade though my preference is cash. I'm willing to entertain some other offers but I'm not really interested in most of the things in my profile.


I'm still trying to decide if I really want to get rid of these or not so I apologize ahead of time for any indecisiveness on my part


If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to shoot me a pm. Thanks for the interest!