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Esoteric D-07 vs Weiss DAC 202

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Esoteric D-07 vs Weiss DAC 202 , which is better. Also, must I get a Macbook to output through firewire? Is there any adaptor available for the iphone 4 or ipad which allows me to output music from the iThing and connect it to the DAC? Many thanks!

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i don't know, i'm just replying 'cos our names are similar ^_^

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Yeah, I think there are a couple of products now that will output the digital signal from your iDevice to a DAC.


In regards to the DAC, the Weiss is easier since you can just hook up firewire to your mac.


I don't know if the Esoteric has a usb input, but the results tend to be less than optimal with usb. People seem to be getting better results with a usb converter feeding the spdif input of the DAC. Again, with the Weiss you won't have to bother with this.

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 Might be able to demo this beast later on in the week - the Esoteric D07x that is..


 Unfortunately, I won't have a Weiss 202 on hand to compare, closest comparo' will be an Audio-gd

 Reference Burr Brown PCM1704UK unit with my AP1 on hand to give it some anti jitter goodness.


 The Esoteric won't need the Audiophilleo that's for sure, given Esoteric are master clock specialists and

 just look at the price of this thing - $5000!


 It will certainly be a baptism of high end DAC fire for me - Luxman DA-200 and the Audio-gd Ref 7.1

 up until now being the most expensive units I've had considerable experience with til date.


 I'll post up some impressions in this thread..




 FYI - amp will most likely be a Ray Samuels 'White Star' (yes in white) a pair of Van Den Hul 'Orchid' XLR's and

 a pair of HD800's on a ALO Audio Reference-8 dual 3pin XLR balanced cable. Power conditioning will be

 minimal - basic Chord Co entry level power cord and perhaps a Nordost Blue Heaven entry level unit.

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