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High quality music?

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I am new to high quality music and headphones. I have the high quality headphones, now i need the high quality music. How should i get high quality music? I heard another head-fier talking about burning high quality audio from Cd's, how can i do that? sorry if this is  a stupid question, but i need to know.





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It would help to know what kind of computer you are using and which OS.


To rip your CD collection in Windows, use a program called 'Exact Audio Copy'. Use either .WAV files if you have gobs of HDD space, or .FLAC if you have just quite a bit. Anything less will start to degrade the sound quality.


A good resource is www.computeraudiophile.com. It has info and links to get you all set up.


Just wondering, which pair of headphones did you end up getting and which DAC/AMP are you running, if necessary?


Hope you enjoy, and welcome to the forum. :)

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Thanks for the reply! I am using Windows 7. I also have 1 TB of memory space. It is a gateway computer i got off of newegg.


I ended up getting the Sennheiser HD555s, but i am looking to buy the ATH-M50s as a good pair of closed headphones, and some Grado SR-60s just to have a variety of headphones. Would anyone like to sell these to me? :P


I am not using an amp, i couldn't find a reasonably priced one; i also didn't really think it was necessary. What is a DAC? i have been hearing about them.


I will check out that website now.




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If you try the CD ripper, it will not disappoint you.

The same for the WMA converter.


I use both and they make a great couple for someone

who wants an easy CD ripper and audio converter in

one package.


- A DAC is a Digital Audio Converter. It converts the digital audio signal from your computer into an analog signal. 

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Welcome to Head Fi ,

Im an extensive user of WIN7 ultimate. Most of my CD collection I upsample with ADOBE AUDITION to 32 bit / 96 khz stereo and from there I upmix some of those recordings to 24bit / 96 khz / 5.1 WMA ( windows media audio ) . These files I play with Windows Media Player or ArcSoft Total Media Theater, some with stunning results depending on genre and original recording,  AUDACITY is a free program that will upsample but not to 5.1.  If you have a CREATIVE Xfi sound card that software has a "SUPER RIP" that will re encode to suit your taste as well . If your like me you dont have alot of super expensive analog / DAC gear . I can recommend ASUS XONAR series sound card as an upgrade to onboard sound that also has an upgradeable analog output section. Im heading in that direction with my HDAV 1.3 DELUXE and some rather expensive discrete OPAMPS from Burson Audio. 

Really experiment with the UPsampling but 24 bit / 96 khz will make an immediately noticeable difference. GL    dt880smile.png


ps I own the GRADO SR80 and they sound awwwwsome.

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Is there any way to upsample with exact audio copy? I installed that one already.


Also, what is a good low priced DAC and/or amp?


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Audio GD NFB-12 is a good low priced DAC/Amp combo.

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Originally Posted by duheee View Post


Also, what is a good low priced DAC and/or amp?


The iBasso DAC/Amp range are excellent for anybody who wants to have both

a DAC and Amp into one small, light, portable package.

Another is the Fiio E7.

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Try here for some high quality music: https://www.hdtracks.com/

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You can find a lot of good and unbiased information at The Well Tempered Computer, but the bottom line is that you rip CDs to Flac with EAC, Foobar, or dBPowerAmp (the 2 first are freewares) and then check the rip's accuracy with AccurateRip, tag them, and play them after importing them into a music library.


Again, information at the well tempered computer, which is, IMHO, more informative and less filled with "crazy audiophile tricks" than ComputerAudiophile.

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Is .WAV better than .Flac? What are the differences?

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since when was upsampling a requirement to get high quality rips? upsampling a 16bit, 44100 hz CD (thats standard for CD's) to 32bit, 96/192khz will gain no audible difference. if ripping cd's, EAC and 16bit, 44100hz is a fantastic place to start. match your source.

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Originally Posted by duheee View Post

Is .WAV better than .Flac? What are the differences?

While .wav files are larger than .flac files, you won't be able to hear a difference. However, .flac files aren't as widely supported as .wav files are. But, .flac files let you add metadata ( album/artist/year info, etc. ). .wav's don't. There are more differences but it's funner to find out the info on your own, IMO. Another resource to look into is here.

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