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Looking for lod for iPhone 4

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I am looking to pick up a lod for my iPhone 4. It must have the stock Apple size dock connector, as I use a lot of different cases and some of them only fit the Apple dock connector. Any suggestions?

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Whichever one you go with, it'll have to be one of the low profile ones, those are the right connector size.  The larger aftermarket iPod plugs only work for naked iPods.  Some LODs have one that is the same size as the old iPod stock cable (longer than low profile but same dimensions).  Those would work too.

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Please describe the budget because you can find various price LODs from $10 to $300 for iPhone 4. I will recommand LODs from iBasso, Fiio, ALO and Whiplash audio. 

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Sorry, budget is $50 max.

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get the LOD from Fiio.  It's low profile so it'll fit your ipod case, it's made of OCC copper, and it's only about ten bucks cuz it's massproduced.  Because it's molded rather than handmade it's going to be the most durable.

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Thanks guys! I'll be ordering the Fiio L1.

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Yep I decorated mine with some sleeve n shrink to make it look like a homemade one, cuz i'm a nerd.  It'd be nice if there was a longer version of it for the car, but i guess that's what extension cables are for, idk i haven't looked to see if Fiio sells a longer one anyway.  One of my own LODs got stolen out of my car when I left it unlocked, so at least with these you won't be too sad if it goes missing.  

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BTW I meant for you to order the L3.  It isn't much more expensive and it's OCC copper vs. OFC so it's a bit nicer.

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Unfortunately the L3 wont work for me. While it does have the Apple size dock connector, it is the older version. Apple has since switched to an even smaller version that the L1 has. I have an older Apple cable with the L3 style connector and it does not fit many of my cases. 

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Originally Posted by scootermafia View Post

BTW I meant for you to order the L3.  It isn't much more expensive and it's OCC copper vs. OFC so it's a bit nicer.

Sound wise i doubt theres any difference between the 2.

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