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For Sale: FS: MAD Ear+ HD Super II

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For Sale:
FS: MAD Ear+ HD Super II

Will Ship To: CONUS

For sale is the very first MAD Ear+ HD Super II.  There's no difference, other than the customizations I requested: an additional 3.5mm jack for IEMs (worked great with UE18s), and an extra long umbilical cord, so that I could keep the PSU on the floor and just the amp part on my desk, for less clutter.


I'll have pics up shortly.


Ordering this would cost $880 shipped + a wait list.  I'll let it go for $760 + shipping.


As well, I have Sylvania 5751's ($100 for the pair) and Genelex EL84 reissues ($40ish).  Sylvania 5751's from online reviews tend to be lauded as one of, if not the best 5751 tubes.  The original Genelex EL84's were some of the most coveted and expensive EL84's out there.  For all of the tubes I'll let 'em go for $80 OBO.



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$699 + Shipping

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