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For Sale: FS: Audeze LCD2

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For Sale:
FS: Audeze LCD2

Will Ship To: CONUS

FS is a LCD2, the revision with angled cable entry and the triangle shaped grille (I think... I'll have to check when I get to that house).  Only problem with it is that the cable's techflex cover (techflex is only above the Y split) came unglued from the Y split point, so it's loose.  Most people cut it off anyway, or you could order it.


Price atm is $899 shipped, pics will be coming when I visit the place I've got it stored.

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Just would like to add the y joint issue spoken of is not a result of any misuse... Happened to mine too and like CountChoculaBot said I ended up stripping my cable for ease of use and weight anyways.


Free bump for an amazing headphone!

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Pics or it didn't happen.

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Are these still available, I will likely take them if not.

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