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Realtek & Windows 7 - no sound!

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Hello Head-Fi'ers,

I purchased an ASUS G51Jx-X5 gaming laptop a few months ago and have had no problem with the various sound inputs and outputs until now.  Every now and then I use a USB DAC to feed my speakers and sometimes headphones.  Ever since I changed the default device to the DAC, I've lost the ability to use my laptop's built-in speakers.  I've tried a number of tricks to get them working again which include:

1) resetting BIOS and Realtek software defaults
2) Plugging in the DAC, shutting down, and unplugging before startup
3) Reinstalling all audio drivers
4) http://www.sevenforums.com/sound-audio/2197-realtek-hd-changing-jack-output-reassignments-fix.html
   Here I tried changing specific binary values in the registry
5) Reinstalling Windows 7 (twice)
6) Using software to reassign audio endpoints as a work-around (see link above)
7) Trying different settings using the [Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Sound] display

I know the speakers work because there is a startup screen before Windows is booted that plays a sound.  The [Control Panel > Hardware and Sound> Sound] display shows 2 outputs: Speakers and Realtek Digital Output.  The "Speakers" are the default and show changing volume levels whether or not headphones are plugged in or not.  The headphone jack works.

Driver info:
Realtek Audio Driver R2.37


Has anyone else had a similar problem with audio endpoints in Windows 7 and Realtek software?  I figure this might be a good place to ask as many of you use DACs regularly.


Thanks for any advice,



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It's possibly a driver problem, try an older driver or updating to the latest.

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I'm using the latest, but I guess I should  try older ones too.  What I don't understand is how this problem could survive two reinstallations of Windows 7 and a complete reformatting of all hard drive partitions.

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sounds like it could be a hardware failure in a switching jack, it's gone and gotten stuck which is borking your windows drivers by telling them something is plugged in when it's not, happened to me with front panel audio on my old PC case after it took a right beating....



pasted from another forum...


assuming you are using Realtek HD Audio Driver, in regedit, go to:


in there are a enumerated sequence of sub-keys in my case, from 0000 to 0007. "

Search for the one that has a subkey named "Settings". If in the correct sub-key settings then there should be a value named "ForceDisableJD" with a value set (probably) to "00", double click it and change to "FF" ( it may be written as 0000 00 ) just change the 00.


At this point reboot. With any luck you should have your laptop speakers back (rem to have it selected as your default sound output device in sound manager) 



hope that helps....

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I tried messing with registry values, but hadn't seen that one before.  Have a link for me? biggrin.gif

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pasted it from here....




don't know anymore about this, am not a laptop person :P

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