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Which Woo?

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My phones are Senn 650 and AKG 701 (may also try some Beyer 880 or even T1 this year as well) and I am completely satisfied with my superb Rudistor RX33 dual mono amp. I remember how good my 650's sounded with tubes, though (I used to own the infamous MPX 3), so I'm thinking of adding a Woo tube amp to my set up with my tax refund check this month. I have read threads galore, but I still don't really understand the difference between the Woo 2, 3 and 6 in terms of sound. I don't need a preamp, so should I focus on the 3 vs the 6? Or would the 2 sound better even with a functionality I don't need? Thanks for any help.

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I have the WA6Se and the K701's I had when I bought the amp sounded terrific through the WA6SE.  But Jack told me that the WA2 has a warmer tubier sound, which I think would be even better with the K701, to take more of the edge off the highs and fill out the mids. 

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