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Wanted: WTB - Audio Technica ATH-W2002

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WTB - Audio Technica ATH-W2002





ATH W2002. Gold colored aluminum frame, leather, and beautifully Echizen lacquer finished. 



Anyone have any for sale or know where I can get some?


I am in the UK, payment will be by paypal and shipping by Fedex or DHL.


Must be 10/10 mint/immaculate with original box and history or where originated from (i.e to prove not a fake).


PM me please.



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PM jatinder. He is in UK and have a pair for sale at 2-3 month ago.


BTW: There is not any fake W2002 on market. The Echizen Lacquer ware can not be copied easily.

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That is what i am looking for too !

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They were sold! Hard to find it seems...

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