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XB700 currently with a good amp will give you the most bass, deepest too. Get the XB1000 when it comes out(:

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Originally Posted by powerlifter450 View Post

I ordered a schiit asgard a few days ago and I'm waiting on it to arrive. The pro 900s arrived 2 days ago and are fantastics but, they need an amp for the bass.I just now finished ordering some denon 5k. I'm not gonna keep everything. I'm a hobby shop owner, I don't make huge money. I never realized that so many songs had so much going on in the background until I got quality headphones.

ooo PRO-900s vs Denons.  That's a tough one.  I will say that the Denons make a great first impression, but PRO-900s are more desirable for me.

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I got my 770/80s in but,my portable amp is dead right now. I can't say what I think of the bass quality yet. My wallet is turning into a featherwieght.
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After doing some research on audio-gd I decided to put in an order for the NFB-12. Gonna sell the 0204, sony xb700s,xb300's,beyerdynamic,770/80s,and Ultrasone 900Pro when it gets here. I didn't find the 770s to hit as hard as I expected, even with my new Schiit Asgard and foobar EQ settings in the mix. The xb700 hits very hard but, everything else comes out muddy. The Ultrasones, after a good amount of use, I didn't like the s-logic plus. Now I'm waiting on my D5Ks to arrive
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i wish i could magically put a pair of thunderpants into every "want max bass" thread creator's hands... their searches would be over so much faster...  but alas... I am not the thunderpants fairy.. 


OH snap!  1500th post... cue the streamers and baloons!

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I agree with Rhythmdevils that the orpheus "HE90"  produce the best bass in term of quality , quantity, depth,dynamic,impact

and detail.  I  also have the L3000, JVC DX1000, LCD2, R10, HE60, Sony MDR Z1000.  Before the HE90 I think R10 is  the best. 

JVC DX1000 and L3000 have the quantity of the bass, LCD also has very good bass however the decay was slower so it is suitable

for some music not all. The bass of R10 and HE90 are excellent in most aspects however the bass of the HE90 seems more real and

exciting to me and it has the best slam and bite, the quality that others can not match even the R10 especially when you playback music

with a very good system and I use the Lindemann 820S which is very musical.  I will have the Smeggy Thunderpants soon and hopefully

for the Lawton Mod Denon LA7000 and will know about these two soon.  I don't know about Stax because I don't have one and would like to

know about the Stax , may be on the bass heavy AKG K1000  too. 

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Let me add my opinion, may be a cheaper option, comparing to the ones dealing here...

Dunno, if its suitable to the situation, but recently, I got a pair of ATH PRO500MK2, and I tried to amp it to the edge using dads and iphone apps...

I agree they have a very annoying mids. So I reduced mids 'a lot'. And boosted the bass a little higher than 0. Mostly on the 31hz to 50hz region. I used an onkyo music player, 11 band equalizer.

The bass was 'the' best, I ever heard in my entire life. I did listened to beats, but they don't stand a chance.

I am not a pro, so correct me if I am wrong.

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The Philips FX5M have very tuned bass, lots of it without affecting the mids and treble.  They have switches to open ports up.  Nobody seems to know about them and they are a bargain!

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