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Official NYC Spring 2011 Meet March 19th  

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OK, all of you spring time NYC meet lovers. We have the same 2 rooms reserved as last year, and like last year, brownies and chocolate covered strawberries will be served mid day.

We have the Annex room (outside in the circular drive way) and the D Salon (50 feet away from the Annex room inside the hotel lobby)


The date will be Saturday, March 19th, 2011 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


For those of you who have already attended one our NY Regional get-togethers, you know what to expect. For those of you who haven't, be prepared for a great day of music and friendship.


It will be held at the Ramada-Adria Conference Center in Bayside NY in Queens, easily accessible by car, train, commuter railroad, and bus.


The address is 220-33 Northern Blvd, Bayside, NY 11361.



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Brownie Lady

Jazzy Jazz










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I'm in :) 

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Very interested.

Need to wait and see if it is possible.


Thanks again Aaron for organizing this!

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Meetup virgin here. Im in :)

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I'm in (unless potential work interferes).

Tom, Are you taking off of work, or will you be showing up a little later?
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If my Sat work schedule of work every other Saturday continues I should be able to make some it but I'll know when I get my work schedule.

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Originally Posted by Yikes View Post

I'm in (unless potential work interferes).

Tom, Are you taking off of work, or will you be showing up a little later?

Probably after work,I will decide that week. 

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I'm a maybe, as of now. I'll do all I can to try to be there, but the 7 hour trip will be difficult on my college schedule (and wallet).

It also most likely means no gear, since I would have to stop home to grab all my gear first, and then somehow pack my gear in all its hugeness and hugeosity onto the train, since my car is decidedly broken.
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When you catch your train to Grand Central or better yet Penn Station, please know that It is only a 22 minute ride on the LIRR, and from there you can catch a 3 minute cab ride to the meet. I would offer to pick you up, but the host is always in the middle of insanity and putting out fires.

For my job, I travel back and forth to Rochester every couple of weeks (usually fly, and then get stuck overnight because of the snow, but being a 21 year Xerox veteran, I can say that I love that city (although it's too damn cold from October until May). There's an old joke about Rochester, and that is, there are 2 seasons in Rochester. August and winter smile.gif .

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I would just like to add that I am looking forward to meeting all of the members that I have been interacting with, but never met, at this meet. It will be nice to make some new friends.


See you there!

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